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Editor - Publication

Rewa Bhadwal has been a home appliance enthusiast and a home care expert for the past 12 years. She is also a lawyer by profession and helps people fight for their rights in the consumer court. Currently, Rewa runs the editorial team at ECD and also looks after her family.

Writing, Lawyer, Home Maker, - 11+ Years
Analyst - Technical Expert

Riya Menon is an Engineer with specialization in HVAC, Electrical, Fire System, and Plumbing from E&TIS Kerala. As an Analyst at ECD she keeps herself updated on latest technologies in consumer electronics and appliances. With a background in engineering, she regularly write reviews about products and ranks the best appliances in each category.

Engineer - Electrical, Solar, & HVAC. - 10+ Years
Owner, MD - Operations

Lavanay Bhadwal has worked in Service Industry for 20+ years and has passion to work for customer satisfaction. Lavanay pays great attention to product specifications and has a great ability of picking great products that are not just feature rich but also durable and offer value for money.

Consumer Behaviour, Analytics, Management - 20+ Years