7 Things You May Not Know About Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Having a ceiling fan in your home or office is a great thing because these appliances keep you cool when the temperatures are very high. They are very useful during the summer when the weather is extremely hot.

Modern ceiling fans are very stylish which means that apart from cooling, they also enhance the appearance of your living room. In this article, we shall look at some of the things you may not know about ceiling fans. The article is meant to help you in making the right decision when buying the best ceiling fan.

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1. Size of the Ceiling Fan

The size of the ceiling fan is among the most important things you must consider before buying a cooling fan. Bigger fans are a bit loud and they make your room to appear smaller but they provide the best cooling effect because they are able to supply cool air to all corners of the room.

On the other hand, smaller fans are not the best for cooling and if you have a large room, you should install two fans. Again, don’t forget to consider the height of the fan because it also maters a lot. You need to ensure that you have installed it at an appropriate height where it can circulate the air effectively.

2. Energy Efficient

Another thing you should know about ceiling fans is that they do not consume a lot of electricity especially the modern ones. They are also stylish which make them to be among the most cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing appliances you should have in your home. Again, you should also consider models with 4 stars or above BEE ratings because they consumer lesser power than the standard ones.

3. Features

When buying a ceiling fan, you should check the features to ensure that it is exactly what you are looking for. You need to consider the number of blades and the size of blades. The good thing about larger blades is that they do not ruffle papers or other things as compared to the smaller ones.

They also cool at a lower velocity which means that they are better than the smaller ceiling fans. However, you need to choose a size that suits the size of your room. It should not be too big or too small for your room.

Other things you should consider apart from the size are the remote controls, noise level, light intensity and the fan speed. You should also check the quality of the motor to ensure that it has solid bearings. Less powerful or smaller motors operate at high temperatures which means that they make the room warm. They are also noisy and less durable.

The other thing you should check is the color, lighting and style of the ceiling fan to ensure that it matches with your home décor.

4. Fan’s Efficacy

All the ceiling fans have a label which shows you the efficacy of the appliance. The efficacy is simply the efficiency of the fan and it helps you to determine the amount of airflow provided by the unit for the amount of electrical energy available.  It is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. The best ceiling fans should be able to provide over 100 CFM per watt while low quality models can provide as low as 30 CFM per watt.

5. Ceiling Fans can also be Used to Keep you Warm!

It is true that ceiling fans are used as cooling devices but some models can keep you warm especially during the winter. These models, comes with a switch which reverses the direction of the blades. This enables them to push warm air upwards. This means that the cool air will be replaced by warm air


6. Location of the fan

If you want to get the best cooling performance from the fan, you need to be careful about where you want to install it. You should install it above your dining table and it should be 7-9 feet above the floor or 10-12 inches from the ceiling. The fan should be very close to the center.

7. Price

The cost of a ceiling fan also matters a lot and just like when you are buying other products, the price of the ceiling fan may help you to determine the quality. This means that expensive ceiling fans will give you a better performance than the cheaper ones. High quality fans are very quiet and long lasting. They also come with a reasonable warranty which means that they provide the best value for money.


If you have been thinking of investing in a quality-ceiling fan, it is my hope that you have learnt something from the article. Knowing those things, we have mentioned will help you when searching for a quality ceiling fan.

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