Everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages. Renewable energy has them as well. You may see some clear advantages of using such energy, but the other ones are not obvious for ordinary people, only for specialists in this sphere. Renewable energy is the energy that does not run out. And this is the main advantage of such sources. You may see a lot of examples of using sunlight, wind, water and biological substances for getting electricity and other types of energy. First of all these are green or ecologically clean energy sources, because they do not harm nature. And after all they become useful for us, when we get electric or other type of energy from them.

One of the most well-know advantage is incentives and grants for using renewable and alternative energy sources. You may become one of those people, who use these sources in your home or business and get government grants for that. It is certainly very important and financially profitable for you, because you may get tax rebates and many other grants, which save your funds.

Another advantage is that renewable energy do not pollute atmosphere with CO2 as it is done by other energy sources. It is reasonable, because long-time ignorance of this problem led us to global warming of today.

Let us underline the main advantages of using renewable energy. These are:

1. No or little emissions to atmosphere;
2. It is infinite and can be used over and over;
3. It doesn’t harm our health;
4. It is not costly in production, after the infrastructure is created.

Still there are very few people, who understand their responsibility towards nature and enviornment clean, that have shifted at least partly to using renwable sourcs of energy.

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