Air Cooler or Air Conditioner – Which is Better & Why?

Air Cooler vs air conditioner

An appliance that can provide you relief from scorching heat is certainly a necessity in summers. Air conditioners and air coolers are two best selling cooling solutions for homes. Which one will be better for your home? Let’s find out.

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When deciding about the best cooling appliance for your home, think about the following 5 important factors:

Comfort Level

When it comes to the comfort, nothing beats an air conditioner. It works equally well in dry summers and in humid weather conditions like in monsoon. Whereas air coolers are best suited for hot and dry weather conditions.

Air coolers with humidity control feature may work fine in humid conditions but the comfort level offered is nowhere close to what air conditioners offer.

If lifestyle and comfort is all that matters to you , then just buy the Best Inverter AC in India and forget reading rest of this article.

Cost Effectiveness

When it comes to the affordability or cost effectiveness, nothing beats an air cooler. It not only costs less to purchase an air cooler, but the maintenance cost is also much less.

On the other hand, if you want to buy an air conditioner then you must spend lots of money upfront to purchase it.  But that’s not all. You would also need professional help to install the AC and you may even need to purchase accessories like wall mount bracket, stabiliser, extra copper pipe, and more.  Plus, there is an annual service cost that may not be affordable for everyone.

Environment Friendly

Air conditioners use gases like chlorofluorocarbons and hydro chlorofluorocarbons as refrigerant. These gases eventually release into the atmosphere. These gases are harmful for the ozone layer and thus not environmentally friendly.

Air coolers on the other hand use water as a refrigerant. Which is safe and makes air coolers eco-friendly option for the users.

Electricity Bills

When using an AC, you pay a significant amount in your electricity bill every month. This is because air conditioners use a lot of electricity. There are some energy efficient models available in the market, but even they can’t beat air coolers in low consumption of electricity.

An air cooler consumes only 20% of electricity that is consumed by an air conditioner. Clearly, air coolers are energy efficient and can help you save lots of money in the long term.


Fitting an air conditioner requires a lot of efforts and once they are fixed somewhere, they cannot be moved without professional help. Air coolers on the other hand, are inexpensive and affordable for masses.  As room coolers are portable, moving them around is an easy task. Some of the air coolers come with castor wheels which are quite convenient for moving air coolers anywhere in your home.


Now that you’re fully aware of all the pros and cons of air cooler and AC, you can take an informed decision about which one suits your requirements. Here is a summary of how AC and Coolers perform for important features:

Feature Air Cooler Air Conditioner
Price Economical Expensive
Comfort Good Excellent
Installation Requirement No Yes
Daily Maintenance Yes, You need to fill water daily. No
Yearly Maintenance Cost Cheap Costly
Fresh Air Yes No
High Humidity Areas Does not work well Works well
Works on Inverter Some air coolers work on Inverter Usually, No
Eco Friendly Yes No

If you ask us for a recommendation, we’d say buy an air cooler if you’ve got a tight budget or if you want to reduce your electricity bills. If you need help selecting the right air cooler for your home, then check our list of best air coolers in India 2021 with buying guidelines.

However, if you stay in an area that sees hot and humid weather, and you have the budget to afford an AC, then prefer purchasing a 1.5 Ton AC in India from this list.

In short, consider your lifestyle, climatic conditions, and your budget.

Now that you’re fully aware of all the pros and cons, go get an air conditioner or an air cooler for yourself that will beat the heat for you and your family !

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