Alternative Energy Restrictions

Many business owners as well as home owners are trying to get a proposal approved that will limit the amount of restrictions on how they are able to install and use solar panels; as well as other forms of alternative energy.

There is much debate over this issue and much of that revolves around Senate Bill 401 allowing outside companies to install, have and even maintain alternative energy systems. This would be possible as long as customers agreed to contracts over the long-term that requires them to pay for the electricity that is created by the system. This would include biomass, municipal solid waste, hydropower and landfill gas. The bill would also remove limits on how much alternative energy each individual would be able to use.

I’m starting to believe this is a money issue. Companies seem to be worried about losing money and so they do not want people to be able to use alternative energy on a regular basis, without restrictions. If these restrictions are lifted, everything is going to change and this worries those companies who make a lot of money due to things being the way they are now.

I personally don’t see any problem with lifting the restrictions. I mean, some companies may be hurt but I try to think of things as a whole and the environment is much more important than a few companies in the long run. At the end of the day, the most important thing is keeping the planet healthy. We must all think about our future as a race, not just on a greedy level. We cannot just think about the here and now; the future must be brought into consideration to keep our race happy and healthy in the future as well as today.

How do you feel about this? What do you think some of the main pros and cons are? How would this affect you and your family?