AMSOIL vs Mobil 1

AMSOIL vs Mobil 1

Motor oils protect the engine and reduce exhaust emissions. But after 2012 the creators of oil will have hard times.

In the mid 1960’s the U.S. Navy began to put into service new carrier-based fighters – F4 Phantom, a very advanced aircraft with practical roof over 15,000 meters. However, from the very beginning of operation a pretty nasty defect emerged: undercarriage wheels were often jammed when landing.

Through the use of arresting gear (ropes for landing system) serious accidents were be avoided, but such situations have added gray hair to many pilots. An investigation revealed that during the flight at the altitude of more than 10 km, where temperatures drop too low, grease in the bearings of wheels greatly thickened.

Defects occur only when landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier: descent of the aircraft in this case happened very quickly and grease did not have time to thaw out (landing on an ordinary airfield was more gradual).

The Defense Department has proposed a few of petrochemical companies to develop a structure, which do not thicken even at very low temperatures. Chemists have successfully solved this problem by creating a fully synthetic lubricant. But there were only several hundred of the carrier-based fighters, and an expensive technology had to be covered. So, they started to look for other markets for a new product.

By that time, synthetic oils were widely used in jet aircraft engines, and some of the pilots filled it in motors of their cars. AMSOIL company product became a pioneer in 1972 (founded by former pilot – Lt. Col. A. J. Amatuzio): the first synthetic motor oil for automobiles in the United States market that underwent API certification.

But the real revolution in the oils was a step of the company Mobil Oil (ExxonMobil now), which in 1974 began selling the first mass and available worldwide synthetic motor oil based on polyalphaolefin (PAO). It is intended primarily for very cold conditions, in particular, for Alaska. The appearance of this particular product revolutionized the entire automotive industry.

Marketing Warfare

10-15 years ago, the benefits of synthetic oil were obvious: a high viscosity index, thermal stability and oxidation resistance left no chance for “mineral water” to take “luxury” niche of the market. However, petrochemical companies have found a way out.

The fact that, in connection with the improvement of petroleum refining technology boundaries between groups defined by the properties of oils gradually diluting (unofficially there were introduced the intermediate groups I +, II +, III +). Mineral Oils of groups III and III + has come closer in their properties to synthetic oils of Group IV (and thus their price is much lower!).

Mobil 1 and AMSOIL are leading on the American and the world markets. They both provide high quality synthetic motor oils. These two oils were found in 1970-s. AMSOIL (1972) was the first and patented their synthetic oils. Mobil 1 was founded a bit later in 1974. So, you may see that historically first is AMSOIL.

They make stress on that and try to be also the best. And it is documentary proved. But nothing can outsmart a human mind and Mobil 1 has a great slogan which says: “nothing outperforms Mobil One”. Isn’t it great? I think it is. These oils produce perfect world class synthetic oil for more than 40 years.

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