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Do Centrifugal Juicers Destroy Nutrients?

The idea of juicing was popularized in the early 2000s, but many people were sceptical. Mainstream media quickly created panic around centrifugal juices, saying that the juicer uses more heat and oxidation compared to a cold press juicer, and thus destroys the nutrients present in the juice. But how true was all this hype, in […]

Best Amazon Offers – Prime Day, & Great Indian Festival Sale Offers

Every year the festival season starts in India during Navratri and lasts till Diwali. This time period is almost 1 full month; and it is during this time that e-commerce companies start their festival sale. This year we have Navratri starting from 07 October and Diwali on November 04, 2021. While the exact dates of […]

Best Office Chair in India (2021)

Friends, today we bring you the best office chairs in India. You need it, both in the offices and homes. That’s because work will not only be done in professional environment now but also in the domestic. Indeed, we are entering into a new era that blots out the line that divides offices and homes. […]

Best Gaming Chair in India

Gone is the time when people used to play games on physical grounds. More is happening on virtual plane now than on real – gaming included. People are playing on computers and the nature of games has changed drastically. There is such amalgamation of fancy and imagination, real and virtual, intellect and emotions, learning and […]

Best Food Processors in India Ranked (2021)

Food processors are meant for you if you are the one who don’t just want to fill your tummy to quench hunger but rather seek after both gastronomic delight and inclusion of all the foodstuffs that together make for a complete diet for nutritional requirements of your body. The best food processor is designed to […]

Best Electric Kettles in India (2021)

Hello Friends and welcome back. Today we’re going to present you with a list of best electric kettles. Whether you are a student burning midnight oil or one of those countless work-from-home professionals, this list of kettles compiled by us would prove the best way to keep going relentlessly. Some of them can be used […]

What Are The Best Pressure Cookers in India

Have you been using your pressure cooker for a long time, and now it’s started acting up? Has it stopped whistling off its pressure or whistles at will? Does it release the pressure frequently from relief valve? Has it lost stability due to bulging bottom? Well, these are the signs that indicate that it needs […]

8 Best Air Fryers in India Ranked

If you are seeking to find ways to make your diet healthy and nutritious without being high on fat, then air fryer is the most obvious solution for it. There are many products in Indian market that more or less serve this purpose. But, we want you to have the best for yourself. To this […]

Best Non-Stick Cookware for Indian Kitchens

Non-stick cookware is a must have in the kitchen now. It enables you to use less oil, which is good for health; reduces the possibility of burning food, which invariably spoils the flavor and taste of the food, and sticks stubbornly on the bottom of the cookware; and, finally, it eases the cleaning operation. Out […]

Top 10 Best Hand Blenders in India for 2021

Blenders are indispensable for kitchens more than ever in a time where taste is globalized. National recipes just won’t do; you need multi-national as well. It has made cooking more demanding. Hand blenders make it easy by fulfilling some of its demands. And it saves a lot of your invaluable time that, as a housewife […]


In Ear, On-Ear, or Over Ear Headphones – Which is the Best?

Headphones are among the most popular audio devices you will ever find due to their compact design and excellent sound quality. They are also stylish, durable and comfortable to wear. When searching for the best headphones, you will come across various types of headphones which means that you need to understand how each type works. […]

Harmful Effects of Listening Music with Earphones

Earphones are among the most compact audio devices for those who love listening to music as they do various things like reading, travelling, running, exercising among others. They are also cheaper than headphones which is another reason that makes them so popular. However, they are very dangerous when used for a long time which means […]

4K UHD Vs HDR – What’s the Difference Between the Two?

It is not always easy to understand the terminology used to describe TVs. For general public, TV remains TV no matter how many adjectives you put before it. Before it was HD TV, now it is 4K TVs. It is by no means common to find people who know what distinguishes the two sets. It […]

Is Juicing Actually Good For You?

Juicing is the process used to extract juices from vegetables and fresh fruits. During this process, fruits and veggies are squeezed by a juicer to get all the fluid content. This means that juices are very rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. The methods used to extract these juices are very different. In this article, […]

Common Gas Stove Problems and How to fix them

A gas stove is one of the most popular cooking appliances on the market. The good thing about gas stoves is that they are easy to use and are more affordable than the advanced cooking appliances. However, you are likely to experience various problems when using these units which means that you need to be […]

How to Decide Between Fan, Radiant or Oil Filled Room Heaters

A room heater is one of the key appliances that will be very beneficial especially during winter or cold days. The work of these units is to heat up your room when the temperatures are low. However, there are different types of room heaters which means that the first step when determining the best room […]

Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney – Which is Better?

A kitchen chimney and an exhaust fan are the most commonly used appliances for cleaning the air in the kitchen. Even if they are used for the same basic purpose, these two units are very different and making a choice between the two has always been a major challenge to many homeowners. Since we don’t […]

Do Air Purifiers Work? Are They Effective Against Smog?

The air we breathe in our homes is not pure and it is full of contaminants. The sad truth is that most people do not know this. Indoor pollution can be caused by various things such as dust, pollen, allergens, pet dander, chemical fumes, smoke, smog among other contaminants. Therefore, you need to be careful […]

Which Juicer is the Best – Centrifugal Juicer or Cold Press Juicer

A juicing machine or juicer is an appliance that is used to extract juices from fruits and vegetables. These units are equipped with different features which enables them to crush and squeeze the produce to extract the juice.  Fruit and vegetable juices are very nutritious and having a juicer will allow you to prepare your […]

Bajaj Room Heater Price & Bestsellers in India (2021)

Bajaj room heater prices are incentive in themselves for buying them. These room heaters are from one of the best brands operating in the consumer durable segment and they come in three different categories which are marked by different technologies used for heating up the spaces for which they are required. The three different categories […]

Havells Geyser Price | Havells Water Heater Price & Bestsellers

Havells geyser prices are extremely competitive in Indian markets. They are offered by a company having strong global presence in Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) segment. Its global presence is a proof of its quality that meets international standards. Havells manufactures its products in India and, therefore, their distribution across the country is not so […]

Top Load Vs Front Load Washing Machines- Which is the best for your home?

A washing machine or a clothes washer is a very important appliance because it makes your work easier when cleaning dirty clothes. However, washing machines are very different which means that you need to understand their differences before you decide which one to buy. The two common types of washing machines are top load and […]

Refrigerator is Not Cooling – Possible Reasons and How to Fix

Having a best fridge in 2021 is a great thing but what should you do when you realize that it is not cooling? A refrigerator that is not cold enough may cause the food inside the fridge to spoil. The good thing is that this is something that you can easily fix even without the […]

9 Common Home Refrigerator Problems & How to Fix Them

Just like other home appliances, refrigerators are likely to develop some technical problems. This can be very frustrating especially if you are not sure how you fix such issues.  Hiring a technician to check the fridge for you is the perfect solution.  However, sometimes the problems are minor and very easy to fix. In this […]

The 10 Best Microwave Oven in India 2021

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas in every home because this is where you prepare delicious meals for your family. However, your kitchen will not be complete without quality and modern appliances that will boost your efficiency when cooking. One of the most important cooking devices you must have is a microwave […]

Which is Better – Direct Cool or Frost Free Refrigerator

A refrigerator is among the most important appliances every home should have. The work of these appliances is to keep your foods fresh for a long time.  However, choosing the best refrigerator in 2021 requires a lot of research if you want to get the best value for your money. Before you decide on which […]

Best Refrigerators Under 25000 in India (2021)

Looking for the best refrigerators under 25000 in India? Well, at this price you can get something that is a lot more than just a food storage facility. Refrigerator concept has moved far beyond keeping the inside cool. Even a cursory glance at the list of top 10 refrigerators will prove that. Here we go.. […]

Best Refrigerators Under 15000 in India

If you’re seeking the best refrigerator in India which is priced under Rs. 15000/-, our review of top 10 refrigerators below will go a long way in helping you get exactly what you want. Our choice represents the best refrigerator brands in India. They are known to have driven technology to take their product line […]

Is Cassette Air Conditioner the Best AC for You?

Finding the right air conditioner for your family or office is not an easy endeavour. When choosing a best AC in India, people usually limit their options to just window AC, or split AC. This is due to their simplicity and low cost of purchase and installation. Most consumers don’t even think of getting a […]

How to Prevent AC Coil Corrosion and Refrigerant Leakage

Servicing your AC unit is key to extend its lifespan. This will both allow you to save money in the long run and avoid any environmental and health issues. Plus, corrosion and gas leaking demand the equipment to waste more electricity than usual, increasing your power bill exponentially. These problems can end up being hard […]

Why AC Manufacturers Are Switching Over to R32 Refrigerant?

In order to allow air conditioners to cool down a room or office space, air conditioners are equipped with a refrigerant, compressor, condenser, evaporator, and a fan. This refrigerant gas absorbs heat from the room, and with the help of a fan releases cool air to the room. It then passes through a bunch of […]

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