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Riya Menon is an Engineer with specialization in HVAC, Electrical, Fire System, and Plumbing from E&TIS Kerala. As an Analyst at ECD she keeps herself updated on latest technologies in consumer electronics and appliances. With a background in engineering, she regularly write reviews about products and ranks the best appliances in each category.

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Top 5 Best TV Under 30000 in India

Are you planning to buy a brand-new television? Purchasing a TV is primarily a long-term purchase for most people as it’s the item that we change the least often. However, there is also a common misconception that televisions are hugely expensive. Well, there are television models available that span way above the ₹100,000 price range. […]

Top 5 Best Full Body Massage Chairs

Today, we present our readers with a small set of best massage chairs available in the market. Massage chair is the need of our time. Average human lives a stressed life and feels the need for a way to relieve it. Massage chair offers a viable means to fight off stress and get renewed in […]

How to Use Air Coolers Correctly & Efficiently in India

Air coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, or swamp coolers, offer an economical and natural way to cool indoor and outdoor spaces. In India, they are mostly used to cool rooms, small shops, garages, warehouses, and other indoor spaces. How Do Air Coolers Work? These coolers use the power of evaporation to turn hot air into cool […]

The Best Gaming Laptops of 2021 in India

As the hunger for gaming is growing, the laptop manufacturers are getting increasingly busy developing gadgets that would enhance the gaming experience. The only issue is, if you aren’t sure which gaming laptop to buy, the options on the market can be quite daunting. After several hours of research, and having tested the most popular 20 […]

Best Gaming Laptop Under ₹60000 in India

The gaming laptops under ₹60000 are certainly the entry level devices for serious gamers. This is because gaming laptops require certain level of systemic sophistication. They must have Full HD screen with high frame rates and graphic cards having certain level of capacity that integrated graphics don’t have. They also need advanced cooling system; because […]

7 Things You May Not Know About Ceiling Fans

Having a ceiling fan in your home or office is a great thing because these appliances keep you cool when the temperatures are very high. They are very useful during the summer when the weather is extremely hot. Modern ceiling fans are very stylish which means that apart from cooling, they also enhance the appearance […]

Common Mixer Grinder Faults and How to Fix Them

A mixer grinder is one of the most important appliances you cannot afford to miss in your kitchen. It features a motor that rotates the blades when mixing foods in a container. This means that it makes your work easier when stirring, whisking, mixing and also beating. Just like when you are using other home […]

How to De-lime the Water Heater

If you have a water heater in your home, one of the things you need to do is to descale it from time to time. When you heat water, it leaves dissolved salts or lime on the unit which continuous to build up with time.  Lime contains carbonates, calcium, hydroxides and oxides. This build up […]

Top 10 Best Room Heater in India 2021

Just like extremely hot weather condition during summers, the chilling winters too can have crippling effect on you in India. If the mercury drops below 10˚, then we, Indians, are not designed to weather such cold. And keeping furnaces going is not quite eco-friendly either. In such circumstances, a truly efficient room heater is the […]

TDS Controller Vs Mineralizer – Recommended TDS in RO Water

RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers have become very popular in India. Because RO Water Purifiers are great at getting rid of water hardness, turbidity, and harmful micro-organism, people just rushed to buy these water purifiers even if the TDS in source water at their home was much lower than the recommended level of 500 mg/litre. […]

Copper Condenser vs Aluminium Condenser vs Alloy Condenser

Confused by the contrary claims made by sales team of different brands and wondering which type of condenser is actually best for your air conditioner, then you are reading the right article. In this article, we will explain the importance of a condenser in an AC unit, different types of condensers, different metals used in […]

Is it Safe to Drink RO Purified Water?

In recent years, RO purified water has become very popular. Today, you see a RO water purifier in almost everyone’s kitchen. But do all of us really need them?  Isn’t a good UV water purifier with pre filter, activated carbon cartridge and UF cartridge enough for most households? To add to this, a recent WHO […]

How Green Are You?

With so many people going out of their way to live ‘green’ lives, it got me thinking. How ‘green’ am I? While I realized I’m much ‘greener’ than I thought, there are many things about my life that I would like to change so I can help keep our planet Earth healthy. I have yet […]

AMSOIL vs Mobil 1

Motor oils protect the engine and reduce exhaust emissions. But after 2012 the creators of oil will have hard times. In the mid 1960’s the U.S. Navy began to put into service new carrier-based fighters – F4 Phantom, a very advanced aircraft with practical roof over 15,000 meters. However, from the very beginning of operation […]

How to Build a Solar Energy Panel?

Contemporary energy crisis make people think alternative energy sources. Nowadays it is possible to install solar panels in your home. But it requires great initial investments and not everyone finds it affordable to install solar panels at their rooftop. As you know the structure of solar panels is not as complex as it may seem. […]

PV Solar Panels – A Feasibility Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar Power

PV or Photovoltaics is a method of generating electricity by converting solar energy into DC current using semiconductors with photovoltaic effect. PV solar panels may be of different sizes: from embedded in calculators to rooftop grids. Due to the increasing demand for renewable energy, the manufacturing of PV solar panels has advanced considerably in recent […]

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