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Gone is the time when people used to play games on physical grounds. More is happening on virtual plane now than on real – gaming included. People are playing on computers and the nature of games has changed drastically. There is such amalgamation of fancy and imagination, real and virtual, intellect and emotions, learning and innovating, in computer games that they have become utterly immersive. Once you sit before the computer screen and start playing, whatever it is, you literally lose yourself in it. Hours pass by like minutes. And if you don’t have a perfectly comfortable gaming chair for it, you are sure to break your neck and back without it.

To avoid this from happening, you must have a gaming chair. This review article lists the best products that are available in India NOW, and it also lets you know why and what is there in them that set them apart from ordinary gaming chairs.

Our Criteria

  • Dimensions
  • Design and looks of the chair
  • Weight
  • Comfort
  • Adjustability
  • Materials used in its make
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Customer reviews &
  • Warranty period

Best Gaming Chair in India (2021)

1. Green Soul Beast Series Fabric and PU Leather Gaming/Ergonomic Chair (Black and Blue, Medium)


  • Materials used in its make include metal, fabric and PU leather
  • More breathable than a leather chair
  • 120 Kg maximum weight-bearing capacity
  • Suitable for a person having a height up to 5ft 10”
  • 3 years warranty

This gaming chair from Green Soul Beast Series is quite popular among gamers. You can gauge its popularity from the positive customer reviews it has received from buyers. Let’s find out why it succeeds so in winning its customers.

First of all, its manufacturer seems to have drawn upon some practical insight in its design – insight that is gathered from the use of gaming chairs. We feel like that because of the materials that is used in its make. It makes use of fabric for surfaces that support your body. The advantage of this is that even if you spend long hours playing games, it won’t generate the heat that leather, leatherette and PU do. This is simply because of the air permeability of fabric. No matter how densely warps and wefts are woven, this difference is sure to remain.

Please note that we don’t mean to say that no use is made of polyurethane. It is certainly there. And the frame that supports its structure is invariably metal.

Next, it looks really good. The black and blue combination always looks great. Also, you cannot miss the supports that are provided for your shoulders and hips. You’d know their importance when you tilt it 180˚ and lie down in it when tired after sitting on it for long durations.

In order to provide comfort to you, it offers supports for both your neck and your lower back. We won’t talk about how well its back and seat are padded. This is because there is no dearth of products that are good in that way. And, you can adjust these pillows to achieve the level of comfort you desire. And, of course, you may remove them altogether if you find it comfortable that way.

Then, as usual, you have the locking system to fix its reclining positions, and controls for adjusting height of the chair and armrest positions. The latter is truly important element in any gaming chair because of the constant use you are going to make of mouse and keys of the keyboard. When you change your position, it invariably affects the comfort level of armrests. To address this issue, 3D armrests are provided. This works perfectly.

Finally, the company that offers this gaming chair is highly praised for its customer service. This is very important.

Overall, this Green Soul Beast Series gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs that Indian market has to offer.

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2. Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-09 Metal Base with PU Leather Upholstery Ergonomic Gaming Chair (Black and Red)


  • Car seat style design
  • Removable headrest
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Cozy massage lumbar pillow
  • Heavy duty metal base and frame
  • SGS certified 4-level cylinder
  • 3 years warranty

Pulse Gaming Racing Edition GT-09 is out and out Make in India product. As its name suggests, its design is such as would make for a truly exhilarating racing game experience. Its design closely imitates that of a car, supporting your torso with reasonably padded concave back. The areawise distribution of rigidity and softness is truly remarkable.

It differs from the car seat in one respect. In car, in keeping with your height, you have the facility to adjust the distance of your seat from the steering wheel and the foot controls. Here, in this gaming chair, you don’t have to adjust such a distance; rather you need height adjustment. To render this function efficient and smooth, this chair is endowed with SGS certified 4-level cylinder.

The other adjustments that are relevant include the armrest and reclining positions. It features 4D armrest adjustment. There are not too many products that incorporate these many dimensions for their armrests. Both the armrests and reclining positions are on par with the best that you can lay your hand on in domestic market.

Finally, this chair is very sturdy, capable of bearing the weight up to 150Kg. This makes it suitable for overweight users as well.

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3. Apex Crusader Gaming Chair Red and Black F


  • Adjustable and also removable neck and lumbar support
  • Made from steel and PU
  • 28” steel base and 60mm Alloy Nylon caster wheels
  • 360 degree revolving function
  • 3D arm rest
  • 180 degree tilt
  • 1 year warranty

Apex is another homegrown brand that is into this gaming chair industry. Of course, apex is certainly not the position that it holds among many other brands that are vying with each other for this market right now. But it is certainly throwing up healthy competition in the market by incorporating all the necessary features that as a gamer you may expect from it.

Since it makes use of faux leather in its covering, it pleases the eye. Faux leather has the capacity to wear a wide range of colors with grace. Though it is not as durable as real leather and fabric, if you care for it enough it would last for a considerably long period of time.

High density foam is made use of in it. So, naturally, it has the firmness that is more than that of low density foam. However, the neck and lumbar supports prep you for a long drive without any hassle. Both the supports are adjustable and removable. Any product that doesn’t allow you to do this should be avoided; because it would constantly prove to be a thorn in your flesh.

Other welcome feature is the adjustable armrests. This chair provides 3D armrests that can be adjusted at the height and angle that would facilitate the use of keyboard and mouse.

Finally, if you feel tired, you can tilt it up to 180˚ and stretch out on it. Or indulge in back and forth rocking.

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4. Detec Designer Gaming/Ergonomic Office Chair | Double Cushioned High Backrest & Adjustable Padded Armrest | Height Adjustable Controller || Black Color


  • Large seat area for comfortable gaming
  • Made from PU leather
  • High backrest and perfect alignment
  • Adjustable padded armrest
  • Double cushioned back
  • Height adjustable controller
  • 360 degree smooth revolving

If you squeeze your eyelids close together from some distance and look at different chairs, you won’t find much difference in them. However, if you sit on them even with closed eyes, it won’t take long before you realize the difference that underlies their basic structure. The same is true about this chair.

We found Detec Designer gaming chair to be considerably different from the products that are reviewed here. It is designed in such a way that it can be used both as a gaming and office chair. We give the manufacturer a big clap for giving it armrests which are not supported from the middle of the sides of the seat with a metal or plastic support but rather from the back of the seat. The arm rests are aligned with the edge of the seat and then curved upward to run few inches along the back and then again given a ‘U’ turn to provide support for your arms.  It is this particular element in its design which would allow you to sit cross-legged on it without any difficulty. And since there are no supports edgewise for your hips, you can easily sit in this position without feeling any inconvenience.

What’s more, these adjustable armrests are also padded nicely to increase comfort for you.

It is so nicely cushioned that even a cursory glance cannot miss it. You can spend long hours working or playing on it. Since it has fabric surface, it won’t generate a lot of heat during hot season.

Whichever way we look at it, it is difficult to find any fault with it.

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5. Caddy Gaming Chair Adjustable Seat Height Ergonomic Chair with Headrest (DMG02)


  • Made from PU leatherette
  • Gaming cum office chair
  • Adjustable height
  • 6 months domestic warranty

To look at it, Caddy gaming chair seems to be an exact imitation of the structural design of the Detec chair that we have already talked about at length. It differs only in terms of the materials used in its make. While the latter is surfaced with fabric, this one is out and out PU.

Since it incorporates all the features that we have been discussing so far, all we need to say about this product is that it serves you quality at the most competitive price. The only thing that we don’t like about this product is that it comes with only 6 months domestic warranty.

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Best Gaming Chair in India – A Buying Guide

Applying your bottom to the seat of your chair for work and doing the same for gaming are two different things. Two different types of mindsets are at work in the two different activities and, consequently, the way they engage your body in it is also markedly different.

The kind of stress your body is subjected to also differs. This particular fact is taken into consideration by brands in designing computer chairs and gaming chairs. Since we are dealing specifically with gaming chairs, here, we won’t be talking about computer chairs. We’d let you know how its function influences its design. We also assure you that our labors would enable you to dispense with the necessary research work that you need to do in order to get what exactly you want. It will save you considerable time and energy. So, let’s start…

Best Gaming Chair

We already referred to the purpose of a gaming chair and how it differs from the computer chair. It’s time we talk in some detail about a gaming chair. It is a chair that is designed with the specific requirements of gamers in view. You know this by experience that, when you sit before a gaming computer, you don’t have a static presence there. You are actively involved in what is going on the screen. It demands certain level of stress on both your mind and body. Therefore, you require a chair that offers you greater comfort.

It also needs to contribute to your physical reflexes that take place in sitting posture. It should not surprise anyone if he sees you literally leaping in your chair, or bend, or sit erect in your chair overwhelmed with excitement. That, exactly, is the reason why you need something that is responsive to your physical movements. This need is satisfied by a gaming chair.

The important thing is that if you have a gaming chair, it would not only support you while playing games, it would also support other activities as well – activities that can be performed while sitting. You can use it as a computer chair as well. You cannot use a computer chair as a gaming chair but you can certainly use a gaming chair as a computer or office chair to carry out mind-boggling diversity of tasks.

No matter how long you work at your desk, it won’t give you back pain. But if you get tired of it, you can just relax there and do some stretching exercise sitting there.

Gaming chairs have undergone gradual development and, interestingly, their development is geared up to the development of games. It enables us to typify different gaming chairs.

Types of Gaming Chair

  1. PC gaming chair
  2. Console gaming chair
  3. Racing simulator seats
  4. Zero gravity gaming chair

PC Gaming Chair

A casual glance at this type of chair may not bring to your notice that it is something different from the regular office chair. You may even mistake it for a differently styled office chair. The thing is that what you deem to be ‘differently styled’ is the very thing that makes it a PC gaming chair.

It features a bucket style seat that comes with padding for supporting your back and armrest adjustment. The good thing is that the lumbar support can also be adjusted in the position which you may find more convenient.

Some feature similar cushioning for your neck. It is good that the cushion you are provided to support your neck is also removable. This is because you may or may not find it comfortable.

Some even allow you to recline. It may surprise you but it reclines to 180˚. The best and most sophisticated office chair would not offer more than around 135˚ reclining angle. The degree of recline you find in a gaming chair will allow you to rest for sometime after a long play.

Console Gaming Chair

This is markedly different from computer gaming chair and is designed for console gamers. Both in terms of its dimensions and appearance it looks different from computer gaming chair. But these are not functional elements of the chair. What is truly functional is the way it is integrated to the gaming console with state-of-the-art inbuilt surround sound speakers, USB ports and some extras like holders for cup and some other things that you may want to use during the play.

Also, it is a lot more comfortable than computer gaming chair because of its ability to rock as you make forward or backward movement sitting on it. It also features more comfortable and adjustable support for your neck and feet that you may adjust to meet your level of comfort. It may also come with or without a pedestal.

Generally, console gaming chairs are not designed to be customized to perform as office or computer gaming chair. But it is not a rule. Some brands have offered extremely versatile products that can perform the stated functions. They are not so heavy and can be moved around easily on wheels. They offer high level of comfort through adjustable cushioning for all your body parts that are subjected to any degree of stress. You can easily adjust their height and reclining positions much in the same way that you do with your office chair.

Racing Simulator Chair

This chair is so named because its design simulates that of a car seat and is meant specially for playing racing games. It brings you the same experience that simulators used by car driving schools in India have. You have clutch, brake, accelerator, steering wheel, and all that to make your gaming experience truly immersive. The thing is that you have a lot more freedom and range of experience in domestic environment than you can ever dream of having in car driving schools. After all, car driving schools use car driving programs, not games. The difference is quite big.

And if you see something like Aston Martin, your eyes are sure to pop out of their sockets. It is so costly that if you choose to buy it, some people may call you crazy to have spent so dearly on racing simulator chair instead of on real car.

Zero Gravity Gaming Chair

This fully automatic gaming chair is rightly called the ultimate gaming chair. But, then, it also comes at a price that’s a bit steep. You have it only if you are a hardcore gamer and also have the financial capability that is required to pay for it.

It features three separate monitors or one ultra wide monitor, and it can be adjusted into several positions that offer varying degrees of comfort. You have a truly impressive choice to choose your comfort level here.

And, suppose if too much gaming wears you out, there is the massage function to give you a thorough massage to relieve you from stress. Please note that the massage function is not a rarity among gaming chairs. You have it even in many PC gaming chairs. But, we fairly assume that it is there to be used when you are stressed out and need to pause to renew yourself before you are good to go again. We believe it cannot be used when the gaming is on.

Just imagine! When at every nook and corner your avatar is challenged by armed enemies who seek nothing less than his life, and is busy doing away with them, pressing the trigger all along his way and, at the same time, keeps on constantly getting his back massaged! We firmly believe that a good sound kick on his ass will be more acceptable to him than that. The point is, the massage function should ideally be considered to be an extra.


This is a factor that remains the same for all kinds of products. The more sophisticated they are, the more you pay for it. You can find products in the market that vary in price from as low as Rs. 12000/- to around whopping Rs. 1000000/-!


Gaming chairs don’t last as long as office chairs do. This may be due to the fact that the gamers lack the stability that is seen among professionals that you find seated in offices on office chairs. Gamers are very often so passionate that they literally freak out at times, jerking this way and that, too often. This kind of rough treatment that these products are subjected to is naturally not expected to allow them to last very long. That is the reason why you don’t expect to find more than 3 years warranty on them.

Best Gaming Chair in India – Conclusion

Having gone through all the details about the best gaming chairs in India and some details about their technical side, we believe that we have come up with a set of products that would contribute no less in boosting your gaming experience. They will enable you to find escape from humdrum day-to-day reality into the kind of world that would grab both your interest and imagination. While the games would immerse you, our selection of products would enable you to have that experience comfortably.

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