Best Refrigerator in India 2021 -Single & Double Door Fridge

Best Refrigerator in India

A refrigerator is a necessity for each and every household, and no kitchen can be complete without it. Taking this need into consideration, various brands have come up with such a robust response to it that now it is possible to seek luxury in it.

They are literally vying with one another with their feature-filled products to lure different sets of people. These are meticulously designed for each market segment. The question is, How would you know which is the best fridge for you?

We have tried to answer this question by selecting top 10 best refrigerator in India that would make the year 2021 for you. These refrigerators are the best in their class, and they cover the entire spectrum of refrigerator market.

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How We Picked the Refrigerators?

We have rated best refrigerators in India based on five criteria:

  • Features: When rating refrigerators we carefully compare the features offered and the cost of product. There are companies that charge exorbitant amount of money without offering much features. We have made sure only to include the best refrigerators that offer value for your hard earned money.
  • Customer experience: This is extremely important. Happy customer is a satisfied customer, and a satisfied customer proves that the product of their choice meets their demands. Therefore, the number of customer ratings on different platforms goes a long way to enable us decide which product is better than others in its category.
  • Problematic product: In their reviews, the customers often complain about either the product they receive or the installation services provided to them. Very often there is no issue with the product itself, but it is the dealer and the installation service he provides that create the problem. We closely follow these reviews.
  • Durability: Refrigerator is a long time investment and the warranty period of the product is a good indicator of its durability. However, that is not the only standard to judge the durability of a product by. A lot depends on the brand names which are synonymous with quality. And durability is surely one of the elements that define quality.
  • Service quality: This includes consideration regarding the after sales services over a period of time and how uniformly it is catered in different parts of the country.

Best Refrigerator in India 2021

Based on the criteria that we have laid out; we have ardently tried to search and find out the one best refrigerator for your home. We believe that we have brought to you the best proposition.

Lets check out our list of best fridge in India for 2021

1. Haier 258 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HEF-25TDS, Brushline Silver)

That’s Haier 258 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator and it is our Best Overall pick in the list of best refrigerators in India

It is undoubtedly the best double-door, frost-free, inverter refrigerator, making available to its customers almost all the essential features which are offered in high-end products at a price that is extremely competitive. Endowed with a steal body, it is strong from inside as well, with toughened-glass shelves and PUF insulation that preserves low temperatures efficiently.

Its 258 liter capacity holds all that an average middle-class household size requires. And suppose if occasionally they feel the need for more space, then the 5 in 1 feature comes in handy for them. This 5 in 1 feature is truly great because it not only provides extra space by turning a freezer into a fridge, it also saves a lot of energy.

More than 80% of satisfied customers indicate not only that the product is first-rate but also that the installation services and after sale services are also great.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 258 Liters
Freezer Capacity 68 Litres
Compressor Type Twin Inverter Compressor
Defrost System Frost Free
Dimensions LxWxH 61.5 x 54.8 x 156 Centimeters
Energy Efficiency 3 Star
Special Features 5 in 1 convertible mode, turbo icing, stabilizer free operation, two energy saving modes
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 10 year on compressor and fan motor
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2. LG 308 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (GL-T322RPZU, Shiny Steel)

This refrigerator has its own way of cooling, accommodating and saving costs. It makes life truly good.

First of all, its linear compressor produces less noise and saves more energy. And its Door Cooling feature maintains equal temperature in all parts of the fridge by two additional vents on the door side.

But what truly makes it one of the best 2021 refrigerators is its Smart Diagnosis feature which greatly reduces the after sale service requirements if any fault develops in your product in the course of time.

All you have to do is to register your product, download the LG app, and then press the lock button on your fridge for few seconds. Next, hold the mouthpiece of your phone near the speaker. Automatically whatever issues there are with your fridge are analyzed and reported to you so that you can follow the recommended action. That’s great, isn’t it?

Since it can hold 300 liters, there is no lack of space. But if you need more, you have the Dual Fridge feature that converts your freezer into fridge.

The down side of this product is that in spite of its Auto Smart Connect feature, it comes with 2 star rating with regard to energy efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 308 Liters
Freezer Capacity 75 Litres
Compressor Type Inverter Compressor
Defrost System Frost Free
Dimensions LxWxH 70.3 x 58.5 x 167.5 Centimeters
Energy Efficiency 2 Star
Special Features Door cooling, Convertible fridge, Smart diagnosis, Auto smart connect, Toughened glass shelves, Stabilizer free operation
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 10 years on compressor
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3. LG 687 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator (GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN, Platinum Silver, Inverter Compressor)

This LG refrigerator, like most side-by-side door refrigerators, is meant for large families, boasting 687 liters capacity. Well, but space doesn’t simply mean the capacity to hold more but rather it allows more systematic freezer and fridge compartments. You have greater freedom to arrange what goes where so that your favorites are easily gettable.

It not only looks great, it also performs great. It contains all the features that others of its worthy predecessors offer, and more. The features it shares with others LG refrigerators include Smart Diagnosis, Auto defrost and Invert linear compressor. And what is new in it includes

  • Multi digital sensors that monitor both internal and external temperatures and maintain inner temperature. It helps preserve its content longer
  • Multiple cooling air vents that dispenses cool air in all parts of the fridge so that uniformity of temperature is well-maintained inside
  • Hygiene Fresh+: It offers 5 step anti-bacterial deodorization which removes bacteria up to 99.9%. This feature saves the inside from giving bad odor
  • Smart ThinQ: It allows you to control all your household appliances from anywhere
  • WiFi control: This is really very interesting feature and all the advantages it offers can be taped into by Smart ThinQ app. All you got to do is create a LG account and register your product. Next, you verify your appliance type and press and hold the connect button on the panel of your fridge. It will set up WiFi signals to connect to your smartphone. Then both your appliance and smartphone are connected to your home WiFi network. Now, you can use the app to adjust different refrigerator settings as per your choice. You will find several refrigerator functions that you can activate through it. It will be a surprise if you fail to be surprised to learn about the number of functions that your fridge offers.

Indeed, this is a truly 2021 refrigerator model that stirs Indian markets with excitement. If you are looking for THE best refrigerator in India, then this is it.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 687 Liters
Freezer Capacity 265 Litres
Compressor Type Inverter
Defrost System Frost Free
Dimensions LxWxH 91.2 x 73.8 x 179 Centimeters
Energy Efficiency No Star Rating
Special Features Side-by-side fridge, Smart ThinQ, Wifi control, anti-bacterial deodorization, multiple cooling air vents
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 10 year on compressor
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4. Haier 565 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator (HRF-619SS, Silver)

This side-by-side frost-free refrigerator has a nice slim body that by no means compromises its holding capacity. 565 liters capacity accommodates all your needs. Its freezer alone holds 218 liters; while the fridge holds the rest. It is deemed to be the best fridge-freezer ratio.

Moreover, it runs on DC current which is conducive for the product’s long and trouble-free life; because it ensures less power fluctuation. And its digital inverter technology works toward efficiently controlling the speed of the compressor, gradually increasing and decreasing it.

This gradual adjustment of speed works well to maintain the desired temperature, not allowing it to turn off completely. It is energy efficient and enables noise-free functioning.

Another very useful feature is Smart Holiday function which is there to maintain the set temperature when you are away from home for long.

These are the unique selling points of this refrigerator. Fast cooling, auto defrost, etc it shares with other products. It is the best refrigerator in India for the needs of a large family.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 565 Liters
Freezer Capacity 218 Litres
Compressor Type Twin Inverter
Defrost System Frost Free
Dimensions LxWxH 65.5 x 90.8 x 179 Centimeters
Energy Efficiency No Star Rating
Special Features Stabilizer free operation, 90˚door opening, Smart sensors, Noise control technology, PUF Insulation, R600a refrigerant gas
Customer Rating
Warranty 10 Years warranty on Compressor & fan motor, 1 year warranty on the product
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5. Godrej 430 L 3 Star (2019) Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (R B NXW AURA 445MDI 3.4 OXBLK, Onyx Black, Bottom Freezer)

This bottom freezer refrigerator has such a beautiful design and color that you cannot but stop by it to have a thorough look at it. The cool finish of its front is marked by Digital Control panel which can be fairly described as door in door. The reason is that it allows you to adjust cooling settings much easily.

Thanks to its inverter technology, it offers less energy consumption and noiseless functioning. The dual fan system is in place to ensure that temperature remains equally dispensed in all parts. And its Air lock system preserves the temperatures in spite of frequently opening and closing it. As usual, the Auto defrost automatically stops ice build-up in the freezer.

Its 430 liters capacity suffices for the needs of a medium size family. Its Jumbo vegetable tray can contain a week-long supply of vegetables. Also useful is the space which is specially meant for water-bottles that can hold up to 2.25 liters of water. The size of the chiller tray too is large enough to provide space for five 1 liter bottles.

Since its freezer is at the bottom, it offers greater comfort to you in getting out the items that you use more. And Godrej sees to it that you get it fresh with its Aroma lock feature. The Palladium carbon deodorizer slows down the decaying process and also prevents odor.

Undoubtedly, in the bottom freezer, frost-free refrigerators, Godrej 430 L inverter refrigerator makes one of the best refrigerator in India available to you in 2021.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 430 Liters
Freezer Capacity 107 Litres
Compressor Type Inverter Compressor
Defrost System Frost Free
Dimensions LxWxH 23.5 x 31.5 x 95 Centimeters
Energy Efficiency 3 Star
Special Features Digital control panel, Bottom Freezer, Odor-free, Air lock technology, Stabilizer free operation
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 10 year on compressor
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6. Haier 310 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRF-3304BKS-E, Black Brushline)

This is a perfect non-inverter refrigerator for Indian middle-class, designed with the view to house all the features that it needs most. It doesn’t offer ‘smart’ features; rather it offers features which are extremely useful. To name but few:

  • It offers 1 hour cool technology which not only cools everything but also makes ice fast
  • Twist Ice Maker helps you twist and get fresh ice in hassle-free manner
  • Stabilizer free operation that offers the range of 135-290V which makes sure that its compressor is protected from power fluctuation
  • Auto defrost keeps the freezer from ice build-up

The down side of this fridge is that it is non-inverter and, therefore, it is not as energy efficient as inverter models are.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 310 Liters
Freezer Capacity 90 Litres
Compressor Type Non Inverter
Defrost System Frost Free
Dimensions LxWxH 70.8 x 59.8 x 161.2  Centimeters
Energy Efficiency 2 Star
Special Features Stabilizer free operation
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 10 year on compressor
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7. Samsung 253 L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3782UT/HL, Pebble Blue, Convertible)

This Samsung’s design is quite pragmatic both inside and outside. But it is also comely in its appearance and color, and packed with extremely utile features that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

The most important thing is its Digital inverter compressor that has longer life than non-inverter compressor, and perfectly maintains temperature.

The Moist Fresh Zone goes a step further towards maintaining freshness of the content in the Moist Fresh Zone by controlling the air circulation in order to maintain appropriate humidity level in it. The Auto defrost keeps the freezer from frost.

The 3 in 1 convertibility is there to extend its storage capacity so that it can free 88 liters space of the freezer for you to utilize as fridge. When time comes, this feature might prove extremely useful.

Finally, the stabilizer free operation saves it from power fluctuation.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 253 Liters
Freezer Capacity 69 Litres
Compressor Type  Inverter Compressor
Defrost System Frost Free
Dimensions LxWxH 63.7 x 55.5 x 154.5  Centimeters
Energy Efficiency 2 Star
Special Features 3 in 1 Convertible, Stabilizer free, Moist Fresh Zone, Control Pad
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 10 year on compressor
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8. LG 215 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-D221ABGY, Blue Glow, Base stand with drawer)

This single-door direct-cool refrigerator from LG, though small, looks great, and so is its performance. It is better than so many other products in its category from different brands. Given its price, its features and function truly returns value.

The big thing is that it has inverter compressor that saves cost on energy consumption, keeps functioning free from noise, and lasts long with stabilizer free operation that works perfectly well within the range of 90-310V.

Here, we have to make special mention of the Smart Connect feature that enables your fridge to work on home inverter. It comes in handy at a time of power cuts to preserve its content for long.

While it cools fast and makes ice within 108 minutes, its Moist ‘n’ Fresh storage keeps its content crisp for up to one week. Its shelves are strong, made from toughened glass. And the door is deep enough to store enough water in bottles. The only problem with the product is that it is not frost-free and so be prepared to do it manually.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 215 Liters
Freezer Capacity 25 Litres
Compressor Type Smart inverter compressor
Defrost System Direct Cool
Dimensions LxWxH 63.8 x 59.1 x 135.5 Centimeters
Energy Efficiency 4 Star
Special Features Stabilizer free, Smart Connect, Moist ‘n’ Fresh, Fastest Ice Making
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 10 year on compressor
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9. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 3S, Blue)

It more than returns value for what you spend on it. Just consider how much you spend! And for what you spend, if you get something that runs on inverter compressor and auto connects to home inverter, than it surely is more than money. It lasts long, cools fast, stores enough, and operates stabilizer free in the range between 130V to 300V.

And what with the size of the vegetable crisper and Honey Comb Lock-in Technology, you’re not only able to hold much but preserve it for long periods of time.

The down side is that because of its being a direct cool fridge, you have to manually defrost it.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 190 Liters
Freezer Capacity 14.3 Litres
Compressor Type Non Inverter
Defrost System Direct Cool
Dimensions LxWxH 119.1 x 53.5 x 61.9 Centimeters
Energy Efficiency 3 Star
Special Features Stabilizer Free Operation, Insulated Capillary Technology & Laminar Airflow
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 10 year on compressor
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10. Haier 52 L 3 Star (2019) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HR-62VS, Silver)

Haier 52 L 3 Star ( 2019 ) Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator(HR-62VS, Silver)
1,754 Reviews

This kid of a fridge is designed particularly for bachelors whose chief concern is cool water, occasional need for ice, and preservation of food items that might go off without it.

Though it is small, it is capable of containing all that one person needs. It works on non inverter type compressor and so it may make noise. But it is negligible. It can run on power supply as low as 135V.

This type of refrigerators are often seen in hotel rooms and are ideal for students and working bachelors staying away from home.

Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 52 Liters
Freezer Capacity 6 Litres
Compressor Type Non Inverter
Defrost System Direct Cool
Dimensions LxWxH 49.5 x 46.5 x 50.5 Centimeters
Energy Efficiency 3 Star
Special Features Mini Bar cum Bachelor’s Fridge
Customer Rating
Warranty 1 Year on product & 5 year on compressor
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Best Refrigerators in India 2021 – A Buying Guide

Gone are the days when people used to define refrigerator by its purpose which was limited to keep its inside cool and save their eatables from going off fast. This definition was more prevalent in tropical countries where mercury tends to rise well above 40˚. Now is the time we consider how well it serves this purpose.

This consideration involves thorough research. The manufacturers do it from their points of view, keeping the consumer in mind; and the consumers do it from theirs. Precise criteria emerge from such a research.

But how many consumers have time and energy to spend on such an exercise? And even if we are to think that they do have time for it, wherefrom to bring such a heightened understanding of market research to bear on the practical and simple task of shopping? Most shoppers don’t see the need for it. That’s true!

Even if we are to acknowledge that today’s customer has become aware of doing a research of a kind on the Net before going out for marketing or sitting at his desk to browse through the goods he is interested in, there are chances that his research leads him to wrong conclusions and hence wrong purchase.

This is because, on one hand, he is simply not trained for systematic market research; on the other, the market is literally flooded with products based on state-of-the-art technologies which constantly move forward from where they are in a mind-boggling manner.

This buyer’s guide is the result of scientifically conducted market research accompanied by the experience of our researchers. When experience and expertise come together, there is little or no room for error. Follow it closely and be a satisfied customer.

How Much Do You Expect From Your Product?

Best Fridge in India

Of course, human desire has no limits; but humans do have. Consumers are just humans driven by the need for consumption. So, as consumers you are bound both by your need and your capacity to have it. But let us first talk about your need.

In relation to a refrigerator, your requirements could vary in accordance with the size of your family, your purpose, your budget, and your desire to express yourself through your choice.

The good news is that the Indian refrigerator market in 2020 is experiencing awesome competition between the best refrigerator brands that have won prestige among consumers through distinct technological enhancements in different categories of refrigerators.

These technological innovations have come to be known as their benchmarks. More or less, these innovations lend value to their offerings in different ways. In keeping with the facilities they offer, they come with different price tags.

This brings us to the question of capacity. It is the question of how much value you want to get out of what you pay. This in turn depends on how you define value. There are customers who are single and they have to manage time, energy and their resources in the best way possible. Therefore, instead of focusing on features, they focus on a size and a ready-to-use system that keeps edible items and drinks fresh and cool for long.

A medium or large size family wants sufficient storage and cooling if it belongs to lower middle class. If it belongs to the middle class, then it would seek an appliance that is user-friendly. The user-friendly may mean facilities such as auto defrost, fridge-orientation, compressor type, etc.

And, if a family is upper-class, it gives its own spin on the term ‘user-friendly’, including in it elements such as advanced digital control panels that make the task of setting different functions easier; super fast cooling; larger storage facilities boosted by technologies that make its content aroma free and fresh for long; features that facilitate it to manage temperature in different compartments separately or manage them automatically at times when they are away from home for long duration; features that connect their appliance to their smartphones and to the telecommunication networks they are using in order to trouble-shoot any problem that might crop up; or functionality that works with equal efficiency in spite of power fluctuations, etc.

The point is, different segments of this market have different requirements and there are numerous products available to meet them. These products fall in their respective price range. The important thing is that you know what YOU need.

Technological Innovations You Need To Know About

If you want to save yourself from disappointment with your fridge after buying it, we recommend that you learn at least this much about the latest technological enhancements which are available to you.

It is advisable not to rely utterly on what the sales representatives say about the products they represent. They will always talk about the pros and not the cons. And if you don’t know about them, they would even impress you with the technology and features of the product they show to you.

If you visit online stores, then you are beset with altogether different sets of problems. There is no sales representative there. Instead you have a product description. If you read customer reviews on the review page, you cannot fail to notice that sometime these product descriptions are misleading.

And if you count on the customer reviews, then what will you do if 50 customers give positive and other 50 give negative reviews? How would you reach conclusion as to the quality of the product? If you know the basics about certain technologies on which refrigerators run, at the very least you are able to read the product specifications aright. And if you read the product specifications you can compare them with other products in the same class. Not just that; you are also able to draw the right conclusion from the customer reviews.

Exactly to help you out with this problem, we bring to you some very useful technological information that will make you an educated customer.

Types of Compressor

There are three types in the market:

  • Non inverter
  • Inverter and
  • Twin inverter

The non inverter compressor has a motor that has constant speed. The fridge that runs on such compressor turns on and off in order to maintain the temperature.

The inverter compressor runs constantly and at different speeds according to the cooling required by the fridge. It ensures the temperature inside the fridge remains constant.

Twin inverter is exclusively Haier’s innovation and it runs both the fan motor and compressor at inverter. It causes less power fluctuation and saves more energy by automatically adjusting the cooling cycle.

Please note that these are technical terms which are not in practical use. In practice you hear about non inverter or inverter or twin inverter refrigerators.

Here, mention must be made of smart inverter technology that dispenses cooling in keeping with the quantity of content kept in the fridge.

To put it plainly, this technology is meant for fast and perfect cooling, energy efficiency and noiseless function.

Features That Make Refrigerators User-Friendly

These include:

  • Auto defrost
  • Convertibility of freezer into fridge
  • Storage facility and capacity
  • Single or multiple-door
  • Top-mounted or bottom-mounted
  • Side-by-side door or French door
  • Aroma free preservation
  • Smart sensors
  • Digital control panel
  • Touch screen of the appliance communicating with your smartphone with an app

Now let’s spend some thought on how these features render your appliance more user-friendly. We can take, for instance, single door refrigerators which are usually small in size and feature direct cool technology.

Direct cool technology depends for cooling on natural air circulation which does not dispense temperature equally in all parts of the fridge. It also results in formation of ice in freezer. You have to defrost it manually when that happens. That way it is less user-friendly than the auto defrost fridges.

If you want auto defrost refrigerator, then you have to go for refrigerators that offer double or multiple doors. These also offer better cooling and greater storage area, along with several other features that we cannot expect from single-door direct cooling refrigerators. But these refrigerators also consume more energy than single-doors.

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Storage system, involving shelves and number of compartments, is one of the most important elements in your fridge because it allows you to arrange the contents in a more organized manner. It increases the refrigerator’s holding capacity. Many products allow the user to get extra storage by converting the freezer into fridge. However, this facility is provided only for occasions which create such a need. Otherwise the design of these refrigerators has perfect freezer-fridge ratio.

The point is, it is absolutely necessary that you pay attention to interiors of a fridge. It won’t matter much if it is top-mounted or bottom-mounted. By the way, the bottom-mounted design is good for you if the freezer is the least used part of the fridge for you. It keeps what you need most at your eye-level so that it is easy for you to put in or take out anything you want and to find out what is where.

The high-end side-by-side or French door refrigerators ensure that you don’t have to worry about how you are going to organize the content since they come with tremendous storage facilities and capacities. They might even beat your imagination.

As we are talking about the storage system, please look out for any appliance that comes with a technology that keeps food items fresh and crisp for long. Different brands use different technology to achieve the same result.

Many have introduced technology to keep the fridge free from giving off bad odor due to the food items kept in it. This odor comes because of the decaying process. This technology slows it down to a considerable extent.

Smart sensors automatically adjust temperatures and light up different compartments when you reach out with your hand to them.

Some luxury refrigerator brands come with touch screen through which they connect with your smartphone. The purpose of this connectivity varies greatly from product to product but the one very important purpose it serves is receiving trouble-shooting instruction from this connectivity whenever anything goes wrong with the appliance. Get thoroughly informed about this feature if it interests you.

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Importance of Brands

Several refrigerator brands have created a niche for themselves in this much coveted market. They have shown much care for their customers’ needs and incorporated them in their technological enhancements. We have to name but few of these brands here. These include:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Haier
  • Bosch
  • Godrej
  • Whirlpool and
  • Voltas

If you buy a product from any of these brands, you will never regret it for reasons which are already given in our discussion of the technological and utilitarian aspects of a fridge.

Looking for refrigerators under a certain budget? Check out the following articles:

Best Refrigerator in India - Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the top luxury refrigerator brands in India?

Samsung, LG, Haier, Bosch, Godrej, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Panasonic, Hitachi and Voltas.

Which refrigerators are best: inverter or non inverter?


Why inverter refrigerators are good?

Inverter refrigerators are more energy efficient and offer noiseless function. They also cool things fast and maintain equal temperature in all parts.

What is smart inverter technology in refrigerators?

It makes the compressor run at different speed as required by the quantity of the content, outside temperature, thermostat setting, and frequent opening and closing of the door. Its working ensures precise cooling.

Which refrigerator is most reliable?

Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Haier, Voltas, Panasonic, Godrej, etc.

What are the advantages of double door fridge?

Double door fridge has larger storage facility than a single door fridge, and it is also technologically more advanced, offering faster and uniform cooling in all parts of the fridge, and auto defrost.

What is a smart fridge?

Smart refrigerator knows what it contains and also keeps you updated through RFID about the stock if it is running out.

What are Smart Sensors in a Fridge?

These are the sensors that monitor certain elements of a fridge and they include temperature sensor, gas sensor, proximity sensor, etc

What Smart Sensors do?

Smart Sensors reduces power consumption and continuously monitor inner temperature and different compartments. They also enable compartmentalization, self-cleaning and waste control features.

What is a WiFi fridge?

It allows you to know what is inside with your smartphone, send and receive notes, make calendar entries or maintain inventory on the screen of the fridge, alert you about the door if it is left open, etc.

The Best Refrigerators in India – Conclusion

Having put forth before you the best refrigerator brands that are available to you in India, the best refrigerators in their class, and all the necessary technical aspects of these products, we hope that we have done our bit to help you find the best refrigerator for you in 2021.

So what you are waiting for? Get ready to buy the refrigerator that is better than the best. You really deserve it.

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