Crisis of energy sources are a vital issue which every nation is facing. The existing energy resources which we commonly use are on the verge of extinction and if we continue to use them at this rate there won’t be drop left after a decade. So the concept of using renewable energy sources is coming and is gaining huge popularity. One such renewable energy resource is the biofuels and here we will focus on that. Biofuels are actually the energy sources which are obtained from plants of various kinds.  There are different kinds of biofuels depending on the type of plant that is used to produce it. Some major types are:-

Algae fuel is a next generation biofuel which is derived from algae. Hybrid algae variety with high oil quantity and high growth rate is cultivated in preferably barren land and later converted into biofuel. Saline water can also be used to cultivate Algae so making it idea crop for cultivation in areas not suitable for farming.

Hemp Biofuels: Hemp Biofuels are obtained from the hemp seeds which are commonly harvested using strong hemp variety. These seeds are then converted to biofuels.  Bio-fuels have many advantages over conventional fuels. The major factor being the production in the very locality and hence no transportation cost is included. This will also create good number of employment opportunities in the rural areas and they can also be effectively transformed into electrical form too.

Ethanol is another biofuel that is extracted from molasses ( a byproduct of sugar production). Molasses are mostly used, after extraction of sugar, for biofuel ethanol or by breweries. The actual process of its production involves fermentation and distillation of starch crops. However, nearly 17% of the energy needed for the production of ethanol is actually obtained from the traditional liquid fuels viz; gasoline, liquid diesel etc.

Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils, animal fats or recycled greases. Biodiesel can be used as a fuel for vehicles in its pure form, but it is usually mixed with gasoline and used by vehicles fleets. Biodiesel is known for the exploitation of the amount of carbon which is naturally circulating in the midst of biosphere and atmosphere, and hence there is no addition of carbon content.

Biomass Energy is produced from organic waste produced by human, animal or plant activity. Biomass processing results in the end-products biochemicals, biofuels, and biopower, all of which can be used as fuel sources.

So it is very important to use all forms of these biofuels so as to save our planet earth from getting all the fuels exhausted and also save the resources for the living of our future generations…

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