Biomass Jet Fuel Lowers Need for Foreign Oil

Lanza Tech is leading the way in a project being worked on alongside, Imperium Renewables (a Seattle biofuel producer) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, or PNNL, to develop a new process in order to convert biomass alcohols into jet biofuels. This whole process was made possible by the U.S. Department of Energy, or DOE. Money was awarded to these companies to help research how well these chemicals will mix with your more traditional petroleum jet fuels.

If all goes well (and things are looking quite promising according to recent reports), this will dramatically help the US economy by allowing the Department of Defense to rely less on foreign oils. This has been a problem spanning decades, and it’s nice to finally see something happening. Exactly how long this whole process is going to take is yet to be determined, but this is going to change how we interact with other countries.

Of course, many people are unhappy with the whole project because of the current US economic state; but in the long run, this is going to help the US quite a bit. Other companies that are in on the project are National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Boeing and Orochem Technologies.