Energy Audit Training

Did you hear about energy audit training? If you are an energy auditor, it is good for you. But we speak of those people who don’t know anything about energy audit and would like to change the situation. Energy audit is a very helpful thing even if you are not making career in green energy industry. This information is equally useful for both people who have a job in this field and for those, who don’t. Let me explain why. Everything you know about energy and its auditing may be useful for you, because you can apply this knowledge at home and thus save some part of energy, which will save your money in its turn.

We should say that today alternative energy jobs have become really popular. Even a few years ago they were not so. It happened due to energy crisis and global warming. Every year this sector becomes wider and wider. You may see that only in Great Britain it has grown by more than 50 percent since the middle of 2000-s.

One more factor for promoting green energy jobs is government. Governments of many countries provide great support to this branch of industry. They offer huge grants and incentives along with tax rebates to individuals and businesses for using alternative energy. So, it becomes a promising field for career and business, because it has very great support and no job reductions, but only growth.

But let us look closer through home energy audit. It is the process when a company or specialists inspect your home for leak of energy (in most cases it is heat) from your home and try to make it as less as possible. It may seem simple, but it is not really so.

An energy auditor is a person, who checks your home for energy efficiency. His main goal is to find the most inefficient place in your house by means of special analysis. First of all, an energy auditor should check you home documents and energy bills, which he compare with the average rate of energy use in your region. After that he goes through the rooms of your house and analyses where the highest energy inefficiency is.

The main reasons for this inefficiency are well-know places in each house or apartment. First of all these are doors and window, because these are the main places which release heat from your home due to bad insulation. Bad roof insulation presents the same result. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (so-called HVAC) systems also play an important role here. The last ones usually are inappropriate lighting and high power consuming household appliances, as electric kettles and so on.

This audit will surely help you to define were the energy goes and why your energy bills are so huge. The additional service of energy audit is to define also how efficient is the use of alternative energy source in your home. Auditors should tell you if it is possible to place sun panels or wind turbine at the rooftop or near your house. They make analysis of the efficiency of such means in your area and for your house.