Alternative Energy Resources

These days more and more people talk about using alternative energy. But many people still do not understand what alternative energy means and why it is so important for us. In this blog we will provide you with more information on this topic, making difference between various type of alternative energy resources and how we

Alternative Energy Restrictions

Many business owners as well as home owners are trying to get a proposal approved that will limit the amount of restrictions on how they are able to install and use solar panels; as well as other forms of alternative energy. There is much debate over this issue and much of that revolves around Senate

Solar Power Investment By Google

While I’m sure many of you have heard that Google has been extremely generous when it comes to helping promote solar energy; they have donated quite a bit of money recently, some of you may not have heard about their most recent donation. The most recent investment was in December of 2011 and it was

How Green Are You?

With so many people going out of their way to live ‘green’ lives, it got me thinking. How ‘green’ am I? While I realized I’m much ‘greener’ than I thought, there are many things about my life that I would like to change so I can help keep our planet Earth healthy. I have yet

US Solar Energy Zone Facts

The Obama administration is working steadily on solar energy development, which has many people in an uproar when things like healthcare and unemployment seem to be taking the back burner. There are industrial projects that are covering over 285,000 acres of desert in the western United States and there are 20 million acres being opened

Importance of Recycling Computer Equipment

Did you know that your PC or Mac can be recycled? I’m sure you did. Why do we need this? Are our old home computers so harmful? Yes they are. This is so called electronic waste. Many developed countries provide special programs for recycling electronic waste. The main thing here is that computer devices contain

Biomass Jet Fuel Lowers Need for Foreign Oil

Lanza Tech is leading the way in a project being worked on alongside, Imperium Renewables (a Seattle biofuel producer) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, or PNNL, to develop a new process in order to convert biomass alcohols into jet biofuels. This whole process was made possible by the U.S. Department of Energy, or DOE.

How Can I Recycle My Cell Phone Mobile

Young cell phone industry is one more ecology problem for our planet. The progress of this branch of industry is very fast and sometimes we even can’t notice when this or that new product appeared. Of course everyone wants to buy the newest model to get the last novelties that cell phone producers offer. As

Will Solar Loans Help?

On Friday, the Energy Department approved four more solar energy loans. The grand total for these loans comes to about $5 billion. All of this occurred just hours before the loan program was going to expire. Earlier this week, two other solar loan guarantees were set up that totaled around $1.1 billion. The biggest concern