As compared to other types of mattress, memory foams are the most popular. The most outstanding thing about them is their ability to contour with the shape of your body. Due to this, they provide unmatched comfort as compared to other mattress.

In terms of price, they come with a reasonable price and they are also durable. In case you have been experiencing back pains, neck pains and shoulder pains at night, a memory foam mattress will be the best solution. However, searching for the best memory foam in India today can be very challenging since they are so many on the market.

In this article, we shall take you through the features you should check when buying the best memory foam mattress.

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What are the benefits of buying a memory foam mattress?

  1. Excellent contour- One of the major benefits of using these mattresses is their ability to take the shape of your body. This means they provide a customized comfort irrespective of your weight and body size.
  2. Pressure relief– For those with back pain problems, foam mattresses are the best solution because they provide unmatched pressure point relief. They also react according to the pressure subjected on them. As a result, they help to distribute your weight equally. They also keep your spine aligned and well supported when you are sleeping.
  3. Motion isolation– Another benefit of these mattresses is that they provide excellent motion isolation. This means that they do not allow transfer of movement. As a result, they are great for couples because they prevent disturbance when sleeping
  4. Durability– In terms of durability, these mattresses can last for 10 years or more, if they are well maintained. When buying, you also need to ensure that you have purchased the best memory foam mattress irrespective of price.
  5. Resistant to dust mites– These mattresses are made of a visco-elastic material which is resistant to dust mites. As a result, foam mattress are very effective in reducing allergic symptoms since they provide a healthier and cleaner night sleep.
  6. Noiseless– As compared to other mattresses, foam mattresses are very quiet which means that they are highly resistant to squeaks.

Factors to consider when buying memory foam mattresses

  1. Material– Memory foam mattresses are made of different materials. Before you make your choice on which one to buy, you should ensure that the materials used are non-allergic, soft, durable, comfortable and breathable.
  2. Thickness– The thickness of the mattress will determine the comfort of the mattress. In terms of comfort, a thick mattress will be the best. You should consider a mattress with at least 4 inches thick layers.
  3. Density– This is simply the level of support provided by the memory foam. High-density foams are the most durable because they have more materials. This also means that they do not break down easily even when used for many years.
    • High density –           5.5 or more
    • Medium density –     4.0– 5.4
    • Low density –            2.5-3.9
  4. Size of your body– You should also chose a memory foam mattress that can comfortably support the weight of your body. For example if you weigh less than 130 pounds, you should use a soft to medium soft mattress. The mattress should also be able to relive pressure from various parts of your body. Those with average weight or those who weigh between 130-230 pounds should look for a medium soft to firm mattress which aligns with your spine to relive pressure. Lastly, heavyweight people or those who weigh above 230 pounds should look for a medium firm or a firm mattress that can support their body weight without sagging.
  5. ILD Rating– The IDL or the Impression Load Deflection allows you to determine the firmness of the mattress. If you are searching for a firm mattress, you should consider a mattress with the highest ILD rating. On the other hand, mattress with low ILD is the softest. The following ratings will help you when choosing the best.
    • 8-10 [Extremely soft
    • 11-15[Very soft]
    • 16-21 [Soft]
  6. Price– Memory foam mattresses are available in different prices depending on the quality. You will find that the most expensive ones are the most comfortable and the most durable. They also come with a reasonable warranty as compared to the cheaper ones.
  7. Type– Before you decide on the best memory foam you should buy , you need to know that there are different types of memory foam mattresses which include;
    • Traditional memory foam- These ones are the most common and the most affordable type. They are made of polyurethane which compromises of petroleum based components. The best thing about these mattresses is that they provide excellent motion isolation and pain relief. However, they have poor cooling properties which means that they might be uncomfortable.
    • Plant based memory foam– These mattresses are made of plant-based materials which means that they are friendlier to the environment as compared to the traditional foam mattresses. They are also breathable and comfortable. Another notable feature you will find in these mattresses is their open-cell configuration which enhances the airflow to keep you cool when sleeping.
    • Copper infused foam mattresses– The major benefit of copper-infused foam mattresses is that they are made of a copper-infused material. Copper provides excellent cooling properties and they also wick heat away from your body. Again, this material s antiviral and antimicrobial which makes means that these mattresses are free from bacteria and germs.
    • Gel memory foam– Just like the copper infused mattresses, gel mattresses are very effective in regulating temperatures. The gel beads are uniformly placed on the memory foam layer for cooling. The gel infusions are normally placed on the top layer of the memory foam to provide cooling properties. Some also features a pad layer on top instead of gel-infused beads.
  8. Warranty– The best memory foam mattress should have a warranty of at least 10 years. This will give you assurance that your investment is well protected in case of any problem which might result due to manufacturing defects.
  9. Sleeping position– Your sleeping position is another key thing you should think of before buying a mattress since mattress comes with different levels of firmness.
  • Side sleeper– This is the healthiest way of sleeping because it reduces acid reflux and allows you to breathe better. It also alleviates pressure on different parts of your body. If you love sleeping on this position, you should consider a mattress with soft to medium firmness.
  • Back sleeper– Sleeping on your back keeps your spine aligned which means that you will need a memory foam mattress with a medium to firm feel. It should be soft enough to prevent pressure on key parts of your body and firm enough to give you maximum comfort.
  • Stomach sleeper- This position is the most dangerous and can be very uncomfortable with a poor quality mattress. If you are a stomach sleeper, a mattress with medium firm or a firm mattress will be the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes memory foam mattresses unique?

The major selling point of memory foam mattress is their ability to conform with the shape and size of your body. As a result, they are very comfortable for everyone.

  • What is the best thickness of a memory foam mattress?

The best foam mattress should have a density of not less than 5 pounds per cubic feet. You also need to ensure that the memory foam layers are at least 4-5 inches thick.

  • Are cheap memory foam mattresses worth it?

Cheap memory foam mattresses may be great for those who are on a budget but they are not the best. Most of them are made of low quality materials which means that they are not very comfortable and durable. Before you make a choice of buying a cheap one, you should check the customer reviews to confirm that it is indeed worth your money.

  • Which is the best memory foam mattress in India?

In case you are searching for a top quality memory foam mattress that will give you the best value for your money, Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam 5-Inch Single Size Mattress (72x36x5 Inches,...  will be the best option.

  • Are memory foam mattresses good for back pain?

Memory foam mattress is the best for those with back pain problems. They are made in a special way that relieves pressure on key parts of your body to enhance your comfort. Some are also made using zoned technologies which provides proper spinal alignments for those with back pain problems.

  • How do I make my memory foam mattress more durable?

If you want to extend the durability of your mattress, you should buy invest in a mattress protector. The good thing about them is that they protect the mattress from spills, dirt and they also reduce chances of wear and tear. When buying, you should pick a protector that suits the size of your mattress. In India, Wakefit Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector 78"x72" - King Size,...  will be a great choice.

Final Verdict

In case you have been thinking of buying a new mattress, memory foam mattresses are the cheap and best option. As compared to other types of mattresses, these ones are the most comfortable. They are also more affordable when compared to latex mattresses. However, you need to be extra careful when buying because not all of them are worth your money. To make your work easier when buying a memory foam mattress, you should consider all the points we have highlighted. For our recommendation, check our post on best mattress in India 2021.

Rewa Bhadwal

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