Global Warming Can Affect Your Health

Climate changes affect people’s health and this is a fact. And global warming can harm our heath as well as change of weather. We should only remember terrible disasters that take place from time to time at different regions of the planet. Great and the most tragic example is disaster in New Orleans in 2005. But look what happened to Japan literally a few days ago. This is terrible and we should admit that these are the result of global warming. Do you still think that it is safe for people? Global warming is the cause of climate and usual weather conditions changes on our planet. You might know that strict heat or cold have great impact on not adapted people.

Health problems associated with climate variability and change depend on population vulnerability and adaptive capacity of a person. Environment is a source of many permanent disturbances. They affect our well-being and its regulatory mechanisms almost at all levels including molecular, intracellular, intracellular and so on.

The study of sensitivity phenomenon of a living organism to weather has long history. Ancient scientists (Hippocrates, Aristotle, Paracelsus and many others) in their medical treatises and scientific researches paid attention to the influence of seasons change, meteorological and astronomical phenomena on human health. Especially this topic has become very popular nowadays. People listen to the information about solar activity and weather forecast. However, the impact of processes on the sun is still poorly understood, although scientists working in this field try to predict solar flares and coronal mass ejections, geomagnetic storms and other phenomena associated with space processes.

Researches conducted by scientists indicate that climate change does not lead to the emergence of a new type of environmental effects, but the overall warming and the increasing variability of weather conditions tend to amplify the environmental effects environmental on health. We can single out in a separate group of extreme weather conditions as a risk factor for health. To extreme weather conditions relating to human health can be included:

– Heat waves, leading to illness and deaths caused by overheating of the body.

– Precipitation entailing outbreaks of diseases transmitted by water and in some regions by blood-sucking insects.

– Anomalies of precipitation entailing floods or droughts.

– Thunderstorms and high humidity leading to a brief increase in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Increase the frequency and extreme cases are already being observed and may accelerate due to further warming, which will inevitably lead to increased risk for human health, property, ecosystems, etc. The greatest impact on the human body still have short-term processes associated with the abrupt change of weather factors such as temperature and humidity, pressure, wind. Frequent and sharp fluctuations of temperature, pressure and humidity are observed during the invasion of cold air when at first pressure drops and in then it grows forming an anticyclone. This situation is the most dangerous for those who have weak cardiovascular system – the increasing number of heart attacks and strokes is observed. Climatic factors also affect the development of allergic and infectious diseases.