How Can I Recycle My Cell Phone Mobile

Young cell phone industry is one more ecology problem for our planet. The progress of this branch of industry is very fast and sometimes we even can’t notice when this or that new product appeared. Of course everyone wants to buy the newest model to get the last novelties that cell phone producers offer. As a result used mobile phones go to dumps. Manufacturers cannot also help the situation, because consumers demand new functional and design miracles. Undoubtedly, this is not the main point. Competition among manufacturers has great impact on the speed of new models development. And no one can refuse the improvement of technologies, because it is equal to failure.

Mobile phones should be recycled according to the same reason as any electronic waste, its toxic elements. So, they can’t be simply thrown out, because they contain not only lead, mercury, chrome and cadmium, but also consist of plastic at almost 50 percent. So, if you simply throw it out to a usual garbage can, these elements may penetrate into soil and water becoming dangerous for nature and our health with it.

Contemporary phones can be recycled by 80 percent. It is not very difficult to do and you may help save environment that way. But still not many people recycle their phones according to statistics. So, governments and companies of various countries should perform various programs to let people know more about cell phone recycling, its use and places where people can do that.

Cell phone manufacturers do not stand aside in this case. One of the most active positions is taken by Scandinavian manufacturers as Nokia and Ericsson. In recent years they make persistent researches for creating ecologically-friendly devices. They didn’t invent an ideal product, but may perform some good results. A lot of cell phone manufacturers all over the world have special drop-off bins in their stores and retail outlets. You may just come and throw your used cell phone there. It plays no role where you’ve got the phone and if it is manufactured by another company or in another country. In some countries world cell phone leaders as Nokia make recycling themselves and in other countries they are supported by governments or industrial unions.

Many companies provide people with incentives and grants for cell phones recycling. You should ask about that at your recycling point. Some of the old but functioning phones can be donated to poor people as charity. You may even resell your used phone, if it is still in a good state. The main thing here still is to save nature and our health. Why not to return a part of money for your old cell phone?

And one more important point is to remove all your personal information before your resell or decide to recycle your phone. Certainly, it should be done solely for your security. The information about how to delete all the necessary data can be found either in manual or on the web site of the manufacturer.