How do wood pellet stoves work?

wood pellet stoves

Wood pellet stoves are not used very commonly nowadays. With the advent of fossil fuels, there are now very few people who actually use wood or wood pellets to light their homes and to warm them up.

How do wood pellet stoves work?

Wood pellet stoves work by burning compressed wood pellets or biomass pellets to create energy. There are several advantages to using these wood pellet stoves as compared to conventional heating systems like-

  1. Wood pellet stoves are really great for heating and they are really great at maintenance too.
  2. They are versatile appliances that can be used for heating and for lighting as well.
  3. These wood pellet stoves come with internal thermostats where you will be able to judge the temperature of the heat that is generated.
  4. A few models are also equipped with computer systems to run diagnostic tests in the case of emergencies.
  5. Good grade pellet fuel will also make sure that there is less that one percent ash production with no creosote production in the stove.
  6. Apart from pellet woods, good quality wood pellet stoves will also burn grain, corn, newspapers, waste, seeds, or woodchips. Pelletized trash can also be used as fuel for wood pellet stoves.

The principles of working of wood pellet stoves

Most wood pellet stoves work on a simple principle of destroying wood pellets to create heat and energy. The wood pellet stoves have a hopper and an auger system. There are also two blower fans that are used for combustion and convection. There is also a firebox or a burn pot and ash collection system which is lined with ceramic fiber panels.

There are also several inbuilt safety measures to make sure that the fire created does not spread and a main control box to keep the temperature constant.

You can light a pellet stove manually or with a automatic lighter the lighter piece is just like a car cigarette lighter and works just as well. There are also several modifications to the main wood pellet stoves called corn stoves present where you can burn whole kernel shelled corn for creating heat and energy.

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