How to Make a Small Hydrogen HHO Generator?

Do you want to make a hydrogen generator for car or at least simply install in it? Thousands of people installed HHO generator on their cars to run them on water due to constantly rising fuel prices. If you are one of many people who want to save fuel and try to find ways to reduce expenses, you have probably heard of hydrogen for cars and ways to build your generator.

I heard about hydrogen for cars long ago, and although I was very skeptical, still decided to find out about it and performed some investigation. It turned out that hydrogen is not only easy to get through electrolysis but the samples of those systems are being sold in the United States for a long time helping people save from 30 to 50 percent of fuel.

So how does an HHO generator work?

These hydrogen fuel cells for a car consist of a small container or vessel of water located under the hood. We should pour water into the vessel, throw a teaspoon of the catalyst (usual soda) and plunge several stainless steel plates. These plates should be connected to the battery and when the ignition starts with hydrogen gas is produced. Flexible tube should be mounted into the duct after the filter.

After all it is installed correctly, you can extract hydrogen and oxygen (HHO) from water by electrolysis (a process where electricity is used to break water molecules into HHO). This mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is drawn into the intake manifold of your car where it is mixed with conventional gasoline from the fuel tank and burns in the engine in its usual manner.

This mixture of gasoline and HHO makes combustion process more efficient, which greatly improves the performance of engine, thereby saving you fuel. In some cases it is up to 50 percent. The engine power is increased as well.

It turns out that your own car hydrogen generator making is not only fairly simple, but it really inexpensive. I’ve spent only 100 US dollars for that. There are plenty of guides on the Internet, you may refer to videos given below to make a HHO Generator yourself. Alternatively you can also buy a ready made HHO Generator from market.

Stocks of hydrogen bound in water are practically inexhaustible. Break of atomic bonds can produce hydrogen and then use it as fuel. Scientists developed numerous methods for the decomposition of water into its constituent elements.

Anyway, you see that hydrogen generator is rather useful thing for your car and your wallet. It doesn’t only save your fuel, but it also diminishes emissions that your car produces to the atmosphere. So, it makes your vehicle more eco-friendly. It makes fuel be more efficient for your engine. That is why the number of emissions is lower. Of course, it’s more convenient to buy an HHO generator.

You can find a great number of them on the internet. Use Aamzon, eBay and some other e-stores to find the most suitable offer for you. And remember that you help save nature with it.