How to Build a Solar Energy Panel?

Solar Energy Panel

Contemporary energy crisis make people think alternative energy sources. Nowadays it is possible to install solar panels in your home. But it requires great initial investments and not everyone finds it affordable to install solar panels at their rooftop. As you know the structure of solar panels is not as complex as it may seem. So, we may look through a short guide how to build a solar panel by yourself. Actually, it is difficult to create a powerful unit to provide your entire house with demanded power. But even if you can’t afford to hire professionals, you can make a solar panel kit. And it should be enough to provide electricity to some parts of your house.

So, let’s clarify first what a solar panel is. It is a unit which contains solar cells or elements. Solar cells make the entire work; they convert solar energy into electricity.However, you need a great amount of such cells for getting sufficient capacity of your own solar energy station. Anyway, these cells are fragile, so you need to unite them into a solar panel kit. A solar panel should contain enough quantity of solar cells to provide you with good capacity and protect cells from destruction.

Many people, who have detailed guides how to create best solar panels on the web, say that it can be done even from used solar elements. So, first of all you need to look for such elements. It is possible to buy new ones, but they are more expensive and not everyone may afford that. The best way to make a good buy is to use eBay, perhaps. It is a good place to start your search. You may also look for them on various markets where technical devices are sold. So, find solar elements to start your construction. Remember that future power of your solar panels will depend on them.

Then you need a frame, where you will insert the elements. A frame must not to conduct current. Wood is a nice example. It should be carefully prepared. Cut holes for the wires in it, think about the size and how many elements will be there. Think how it will be placed and so on. You’re lucky if you or someone you know is a good carpenter. But do not be afraid to do something that is unknown for you!

Next, you need carefully connect all the elements to wires. If they are not connected, glue them to the frame passing all wires through pre-reserved places. This is perhaps the longest and laborious step of your work.

You should decide what is more important: power or current strength? In the first case we need to connect all wires sequentially, while in the second they should be parallel.

Finally, install your solar panel resulting in the sunniest place. Don’t worry, if the power output is low. Middle latitudes are not very well suited for extracting energy from the solar flux. The results are generally 2-3 times lower than at the equator.

And you should remember that government is also interested in such activity of yours.

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