Importance of Biomass as a Fuel of Future

Biomass will be our savior in near future for sure. Even if we have sufficient fossil fuels for now, what after 50 years? Can we promise our next generation the possibility of existence of these fuels? Most probably no. The reason is that at the rate humans have extracted these reservoirs, it will be just impossible to repent it.

Fuel is need for everything and by everyone. You can not be left untouched by it. Yet, the raw material for resources takes thousands of years to become fuels. Hence, fact is that no matter how much we advance, we can not find any way to manufacture these fossil fuels.

Here, Biomass comes to play. Scientists have successfully tested and manufactured biofuels from various plants and animals’ residuals. Since the raw material is renewable, we can not run out of this fuel. Furthermore, due to the chemical properties of these green fuels, they are absolutely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable as well as completely combustible.

In addition to this, they do not even emit any poisonous or greenhouse gas. This means that whatever damage we have done till now to our planet and its environment, we can not and will not take it further. Biomass is organic in every sense and that is why, we can rest assured that fuels generated from it will not cause any damage virtually.

As biomass itself is residual of animals and plants, there will be no need and worry of deforestation. Furthermore, this will lead to more and more employment opportunities in every economy and the dependency of one on another country for fuel needs will come to an end.

Every country can produce bio-fuel from biomass without needing any assistance from anyone else. Not only this; since we can actually decrease and even curb the usage of fossil fuels, we can give them lots of time for recovery and hence, our future generations will be able to breathe in a much cleaner, safer and healthier planet.