Did you know that your PC or Mac can be recycled? I’m sure you did. Why do we need this? Are our old home computers so harmful? Yes they are. This is so called electronic waste. Many developed countries provide special programs for recycling electronic waste. The main thing here is that computer devices contain various toxins and carcinogens which can waste our environment. They should be recycled to protect us and nature as well as to utilize usable materials repeatedly. I would like to take Canada as an example of long-term existing program of computer and electronic recycling.

For the first time Canadians thought of an organized system of recycling computers and other electronics at the beginning of 1990-s. Already in 1993, Industry Canada and the TelecomPioneers became co-founder of the organization designed to implement this task. Thus the organization with the simple and logical name Computers for Schools (CFS) was born. Let’s have a closer look at the main task of CFS, which is utilization.

The environment is first of all. It is a well-known fact that electronic scrap contains plenty of toxic chemicals poisoning the environment. According to this axiom relevant laws have been issued under which large companies, and especially federal and provincial organizations, have no right to dispose of computer and electronic scrap, and obliged to bring and donate it to CFS service centers. Moreover, the responsibility of organizations is not only self-delivery of the old equipment, but also pay for its recycling. You like it or not, but the law is the law. On the other hand, Canadians themselves are motivated enough to realize that paid money serve to the benefit of the society in which they live above all.

I will not tell you for all Canada, but the residents of Winnipeg are first of all conscious people and only then law-abiding. As it was mentioned above the law does not apply to individuals, but many residents themselves and on their own initiative go through the city, bring their old household appliances and computers, as well as pay out of their pocket from 5 to 50 dollars for recycling. It would seem what prevents them just to bring it up to a garbage can? Nothing does. Perhaps, with such a consciousness you begin to be a civilized person.

As you may see from this example, it is important not only to know that any computer can be utilized, but also to be a responsible person. Computer waste is dangerous first of all, because it contains lead. Lead is very harmful for soil. It can soak into the ground and penetrate into water that we drink. If people will simply burn computer equipment wastes, lead would penetrate into air, which is not very good for us, because it may cause various health problems for people. And recycling makes our old computers useful not only for our health, but for environment and economic as well. These materials are usually valuable for reuse. Let your computer become useful one more time.

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