Which Water Geyser is the best – Instant or Storage Water Heater?

Instant or Storage Water Heater

A water geyser or a water heater is an important appliance because it provides hot water any time you need it. With these units, you are able t enjoy hot shower or hot water for various household purposes which means that they are very convenient. They normally use electricity, gas or solar to heat the water.

Water geysers are available in different types which means that you need to be sure of which type will be suitable for your home. In this article, we shall discuss the two major types of water geysers. These are instant water geysers and storage water geysers.

Instant Water Geysers

Instant water heaters or tankless water heaters are among the most advanced water heaters on the market. They have a compact size since they do not have a tank. Again, these units use gas or electricity as their source of power. As compared to other types of heaters, these ones are able to give you hot water instantly and they also have good flow rate which is enough for your household purposes.

What are the benefits of instant water geysers?

  1. Time saving – One of the major selling points of instant water geysers is that they are able to provide hot water within seconds. When you are using a storage water geyser, you will have to wait for about 2 minute which makes instant geysers the best from those who want hot water instantly.
  2. Space saving – For those with a limited space, an instant geyser will be the most suitable since these units have a compact design.
  3. Power efficient – In terms of power consumption, instant water geysers doesn’t consume a lot of electricity which means that they are cheap to maintain.
  4. Safe to use – Instant geysers comes with a thermostat which cuts off power when the temperatures goes beyond the limit. Also, because they don’t store hot water, there is minimum risk of pressure buildup. Note that high pressure can cause explosion.
  5. Eco-friendly – The other benefit of these units is that they are very friendly to the environment since they do not emit greenhouses gases.
  6. Budget Friendly – As compared to the storage water geysers, instant water heaters are cheaper. They also consume less electricity.

What are the major drawbacks of instant geysers?

  1. No Storage Capacity – Instant geysers do not have any storage capacity. It is a problem if you live in areas that face power outages.
  2. Limited Use: Instant water heaters provide hot water only to one outlet point. They can not be used to supply hot water to multiple points from a single instant water heater.
  3. Not easy to maintain – Another disadvantage of these geysers is that they are not easy to maintain as compared to the storage water heaters. The pipes inside these geysers get lime deposits and get blocked resulting in low water flow and decrease in efficiency.

Storage water geysers

Storage water heaters are also referred to as tank-type water heaters because they have a storage tank for hot water. Unlike the tankless water heaters, these ones have a higher capacity and they can store up to 35 liters of hot water.

What are the benefits of storage water geysers?

  1. Easy to install – Storage water geysers are very easy to install. This means that there are no extra costs you will incur during installation.
  2. User-friendly design – Unlike the instant water geysers, these units have a nice design that makes them easy to use. Due to their design, they are also easier to repair as compared to the tankless instant water geysers.
  3. Convenient – The other impressive thing about these units is that they are very convenient. Even if there is a black out or when the gas runs out, you can still enjoy hot water that is already stored in the tank.
  4. Capacity– Another benefit of these heaters is that they have a higher capacity as compared to the tankless or instant water geysers. As a result, they are ideal for large families.
  5. Supply Hot Water to Multiple Points: A single storage water heater can provide hot water to kitchen, and multiple bathrooms. This way they are more cost friendly as you need only one water heater for entire home.
  6. Durable – As compared to the instant water geysers, storage water heaters are durable and require less maintenance

Disadvantages of storage water geysers

  1. Requires space – If you are planning to install a storage water geyser, you need to ensure that you have enough space because these units require more space.
  2. Time Consuming: Storage water heaters typically need 10 minutes to provide hot water. Whereas instant water heaters can provide hot water instantly.

Difference between storage and instant water geysers

Even if the two units are normally used for the same purpose, they have some notable differences which are;

  1. Design – The major difference between an instant water heater and storage geysers is the design. You will find that storage water heaters come with a storage tank while instant geysers are tankless. As a result, storage heaters have a higher capacity as compared to the instant geysers. Also a single storage water heaters can provide hot water to multiple bathrooms and kitchen, whereas an instant water heater can provide hot water only to a single point.
  2. Performance – If you would like to have hot water instantly, an instant water geyser will be the most suitable. Just as their name suggest these units are able to provide hot water instantly

Final Verdict

Having a water heater in your home is a great thing because it will give you hot water anytime you need it for various tasks such as bathing, cleaning or any other tasks. However, choosing between a storage water geyser and an instant geyser can be very tricky especially if you don’t know how the two works. You will find that both of them have their unique benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, you should choose the one that suits your requirements.

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