Solar Power Investment By Google

While I’m sure many of you have heard that Google has been extremely generous when it comes to helping promote solar energy; they have donated quite a bit of money recently, some of you may not have heard about their most recent donation. The most recent investment was in December of 2011 and it was in the amount of about $94 million.

I don’t know about you, but this is a very exciting example of the way the world is changing. I’m excited to see so many people and companies on board who want to help keep the world healthy and long-lasting. I love that so many people are choosing to go green and put their time and effort into donating and investing in solar power technology and research. Once we can completely get rid of our need for fossil fuels, the world is going to be a much better place. Look at how much time and money has been spent on trying to fight over such things. If we can find a way around it all, maybe there won’t be as many wars. A part of me feels as though that’s just wishful thinking, but a girl’s allowed to dream, right?

I’m really excited to hear that Google is one of the companies who is trying to help make solar power affordable so that people like me and you can afford it as well. That’s one main concern I’m sure many people have; the fact that it can be so darn expensive to try to go all solar and be more green in our everyday lives. When we’re already working so hard, and living paycheck to paycheck or very close to it, it’s not exactly something we can spend too much time thinking about.

Who knows, maybe within just a few short years we’ll all be using solar power instead of electricity, gas etc. That would be a day I would love to see. It’s hard not to wonder what might come soon after that!