Wind energy as any other source of energy today is very expensive. You need to have really lots of money to build a wind farm. Some people try to make solar panels by themselves to diminish their expenses on electricity and some of them are even get cheap wind turbines for that purpose. But is it possible today to find cheap wind turbines? I think it is. Perhaps, the cheapest variant is to make it manually for your home or country cottage. So, let’s look through some theoretic variants of that.

To manufacture a wind turbines you need:

– An operational automotive 12V generator.
– Any acid or a helium 12V accumulator, it can be even virtually inoperative.
– Either a big aluminum or stainless steel pot or a bucket of the same materials.
– Relay battery in working condition.
– Automotive relay of control lamp.
– Any old voltmeter, you can take automotive.
– Wires with 2,5 and 4 cross-section.
– Stainless steel wire or a pair of large clamps.
– Tools: drill with drill bits, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, etc.

First of all you should make and remake the rotor of generator pulley. To do this, take a bucket or pot. We need to divide it into four parts, with markers and special cutter. After that you should cut along the marking so that you get blades. Do not forget to drill those places where the cutter will deepen. You can use a grinder, but do not overheat the pot or bucket. At the bottom of the bucket you should make layout for bolt holes. It is important to make this very neat and symmetrical, as the bolts will attach generator and pulley. Nothing should hang out when the product is rotating.

Now you need to bend the blades of bucket, taking into consideration the direction of rotation of the generator. Often, it turns clockwise.

– Anchor a bucket on a pulley by bolts.
– Attach the wires to the generator; note the marking and colors of wires.
– Build a chain.
– Anchor the generator to the mast.
– Fasten the wires to the generator and mast.
– Connecting the generator to the network.
– Connect accumulator to your network with the help of wire, which should be not at least 1 meter long.
– Now connect other devices to the network.

Actually, the turbine is ready. You can specify the speed of rotation by bending blades. Such a wind turbine is successfully applied in practice.

If your climate zone has constant wind from 2-4 to 12-22 m/s, a wind turbine would operate successfully, and you will enjoy your work and wit. This design has many advantages. First, it’s the cost, because it is made of almost worthless materials. Secondly, it is very reliable. The device will run two years at least. And it works very quiet without noise and vibration. It can be repaired. But there are drawbacks: the wind turbine is not protected from a powerful hurricane as a bucket can be torn. It is designed for low loads.

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