Photovoltaic Solar Energy or PV Solar Energy is generated when a series of solar cells containing photovoltaic material like silicon are connected to each other to create substantial amount of DC current. This DC current can then be convered into AC current using an inverter and then can be used to run any home appliance.

Pros & Cons:

The main advantage of such power systems is that they produce more energy during their lifetime than the money that was spent for their production. For instance, silicon photovoltaic panels in sunny countries like Spain return energy expended for their production within first 2 to 5 years of operation. And they serve not less than 20 years. Moreover, the use of solar energy does not always require installation on ground. PV solar panels can be installed on the rooftops or facades of existing buildings, barriers of highways and so on.

Production of electricity with solar photovoltaic panels doesn’t need any kind of fuel. It also doesn’t produce noise pollution like wind energy plants. Further, there is no need to provide the system with labour-intensive technical maintenance to keep up its operable condition. But this energy source still can not compete with traditional energy sources in price effectiveness. Even though the cost of silicon and other materials required in making PV panels have come down in recent years but it is still unreasonable to use PV solar energy without governmental support in the areas where normal access to electricity is available at reasonable price.

Is it Economical for Everyone?

The application of solar energy is economically reasonable in countries, which provide support to this sector. The main countries that provide solar grants and incentive programs for solar energy are the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, Japan and some others. These are all developed countries. These are the countries which are making the hottest market of solar energy.

However, today’s reality of rising global energy problems, inflation, depleting reserves of crude oil and gas makes it necessary to start changing from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Focusing on oil, gas or nuclear power can make some countries seriously dependent on the world’s largest suppliers of these materials (Crude Oil, Fissile Uranium etc) and threaten the economical safety of many countries that don’t have oil reserves and fissile uranium, plutonium etc. Obviously, alternative energy sources cannot settle all the problems in the nearest future. But focusing on them, particularly on hydopower, wind and solar energy, will give real opportunity to increase energy safety in future.

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