Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Natural sources of earth are steadily being depleted. This makes people look for new energy sources. Solar energy can be named one of the most popular among the types of alternative energy sources. What is the attraction of solar energy for ordinary consumers? And what are the pros and cons of solar energy?

One of the main obstacles to widespread implementation of solar energy is high cost and complexity of solar panels installing. Solar panels are rather expensive, which means that before getting benefits from this type of energy one should invest a reasonable amount of money. On the other hand, there are no many movable parts in the design of solar panels which mean that they do not wear and don’t require frequent repairs.

Renewable energy use means that solar panels recompense themselves sooner or later and in the future you will have an opportunity to use almost free energy. Moreover, many governments provide grants for using solar and other renewable energy sources.It also helps many people in the situation of high renewable energy costs at the first steps. You should make a research to get the information about such grants and incentives in your region.

It is obvious that solar panels need sunny days for their operation. This circumstance does not allow to use this energy source in the areas with great number of cloudy days and especially in winter. At night the energy is not produced either. Solar energy stations occupy rather large area, which also makes additional difficulties for placing them in cities, for example. But the positive influence on the environment cannot be overestimated.

Solar energy stations doesn’t produce toxic wastes and do not emit any gases to the atmosphere. Solar panels use does not require connection to an electricity network, which is very convenient for usage in remote areas.

There are many different thought and opinions about solar energy and alternative energy source at all. But we may run through the list of pros and cons as the main facts about solar energy.


1. It is a renewable energy source.
2. This energy if free, because the main source is the sun.
3. It’s a clear type of energy, which doesn’t provoke global warming, acid rains and smog, reduce harmful emissions.
4. It can be used for different purposes: vehicles, homes etc.
5. It provides people with an opportunity to use energy in remote areas.
6. Development of new technologies allows us to store solar energy in batteries.
7. It doesn’t use fuel, therefore it does not produce any wastes at all.
8. Minimal maintenance.
9. Saves money on long-term basis.
10. The equipment is easy to install.


1. You need a large number of solar panels to generate demanded electricity, thus larges area is required.
2. High initial cost of solar panels.
3. Generation of energy is only during daylight hours.
4. Depends on climatic conditions.

So, you may see that solar energy has its pros and cons. You should take these facts into account, if you would like to you it someday.