Pros Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is available for free and it can be used in different ways. Solar energy can be used in three main ways, so it is important to distinguish these ways:

1. Passive heat is heat that we naturally get from Sun. It can be taken into account and used in building projects the way that the building requires less heating.
2. Solar heating type, which we use to heat water in our houses, pools or heating systems.
3. PV (photovoltaic) solar energy. It is the usage of solar energy for getting electricity from it. PV solar energy system requires only daylight to generate electricity.

Photovoltaic systems use cells, which convert solar energy into electricity.The system is made of one or two layers of semiconductor structure. When light falls on the cells, it creates electric field, which produce electricity penetrating through the layers. The more light intensity, the more electricity flow is. Silicon is the material from which photovoltaic elements are maid. It is contained in sand and there is no any difficulty in its mining.

Photovoltaic system doesn’t require bright sunlight to work. It can generate electricity even in cloudy days. It is even possible to get more energy in slightly cloudy days, because of the reflection of sunlight.

Solar energy may become the main power source, because of many ecological and economical advantages and confirmed reliability. So, let’s look through the pros of solar energy:

– It is free fuel. The sun is the only source which makes solar batteries work. The sun is constant source of light. Moreover, photovoltaic panels are made of silicon – which is an abundant material, the second most common element in the Earth’s crust.

– Solar energy does not produce any noise, emission or pollution. The combustion of traditional energy sources may create smoke, acid rains, pollute air and water. CO2 is also harmful for atmosphere. Solar panels use only solar energy as fuel. This doesn’t create and side products.

– Reliability and safety. Estimated lifetime for PV panel is 30 years. Besides, its efficiency is very high and provides 80 percent of primary power even after 25 years of usage. Moreover, high quality standards, which are used in developed countries, guarantee that a buyer gets reliable products.

– PV panels can be recycled and the materials can be used one more time. Recycling is good for the environment and also gives possibility to lessen power inputs and cost of production.

– The system doesn’t require any peculiar maintenance. Solar panels work automatically and are easy to install.

– Electricity in remote areas. Solar energy gives help to remote region, especially those places where electricity is not available. House lighting, hospital cooling systems and water pumping are only a part of available possibilities. Telecommunications are also become accessible for PV solar panel users.

These are the main advantages or pros of solar energy that can be used by people today and tomorrow. As you can see, future development of solar energy will help us make the planet better.