Not many people know what supplemental hydrogen generator is. But this device is very important in modern world. Perhaps, this is the first step to creating a full-fledged hydrogen engine. This device is used in cars and as contemporary fuel prices rising steadily, it becomes really useful. Supplemental hydrogen generators are used in vehicles and help you save a lot of fuel. But that is not all. It also increases horsepower of your car and diminish its emissions to the atmosphere, which is useful for the vehicle.

This kind of system is supplemental to the engine of your car. It helps the engine to use gas more efficiently. So, you shouldn’t think that this system is aimed to make your car run on hydrogen only. It works on the molecular level making vapor from gas. If you look at the old internal combustion engines, you see that their potential is not fully exhausted. Experiments have shown that there is no need for a complete replacement of traditional fuels, it is enough to introduce there 1-6 percent of hydrogen (by mass) and the combustion process are significantly improved. This is explained by initiating action of hydrogen which forms the centers of combustion. This increases the efficiency of engine, improving its environmental features.

It should be noted that the addition of hydrogen or hydrogen-containing gas into the engine without changing its mode of operation can only lead to improving the quality of combustion and consequently make it more eco-friendly. However, hydrogen is valuable for its ability to make engines more fuel efficient. Thus, if the existing spark internal combustion engine vehicles perform good environmental results, the addition of hydrogen improves environment with simultaneous transfer the engine in more economical mode.

The only question is: where to take this hydrogen? It can be got at special hydrogen filling stations, which should be built. Some options are also possible here: to fill hydrogen in special vehicle tanks and dose its consumption depending on the mode of car driving or it can be added as the main fuel when filling. In the first case a car requires significant improvement, as it becomes bi-fuel. The second option of filling hydrogen into a common tank is possible when natural gas is used as primary fuel. The car in this case is mono-fuel, but the effectiveness of such a system is not as high as the proportion of hydrogen in a prepared mixture remains constant and cannot use it more efficiently, as in the first variant.

You may see that supplemented hydrogen generator is a great system for using it along with fossil fuels. Both the driver and nature have benefits. Everything you need to lessen dependence on oil is to use this generator. Moreover, the more people will know about it, the better it is for environment. Make a good research and install supplemented hydrogen generator in your car right now. The internet is already crammed with various offers for you to buy these systems. So, you shouldn’t wait anymore but act!

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    how many liters of hydrogen per minute does it need
    do you have a tecnical sheet
    what type of certification for europe do youhave


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