Biomass Jet Fuel Lowers Need for Foreign Oil

Lanza Tech is leading the way in a project being worked on alongside, Imperium Renewables (a Seattle biofuel producer) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, or PNNL, to develop a new process in order to convert biomass alcohols into jet biofuels. This whole process was made possible by the U.S. Department of Energy, or DOE.

Can Biomass Really Reduce Global Warming?

Biomass i.e. the waste material of pet animals and left over vegetable is a renewable source of energy. Earlier it has been used as fertilizers in the farms. However, now it is also being used to generate electricity or heat. Biomass however, of late, has started to gain importance in UK and other counties around

The Top 5 Renewable Energy Innovations

The biggest challenge that human race is facing today relates to the depletion of natural resource on hand and rapid destruction of the atmosphere around the earth. CO2 emission is threatening the very existence of human race. The solution however, comes in the form of extensive use of renewable energy systems such as wind, biomass,