Water Softener

What Is a Water Softener And Why You Might Want One

Water softeners use water softening salt to remove the calcium, magnesium and iron dissolved in hard water. This process is called ion exchange, which occurs when the ionic compounds of the softened water "exchange" for hardness ions such as…
Whole House Water Filtration System

Whole House Water Filtration System – Costs & Benefits

One of the biggest concerns for homeowners is water quality. When you are living in one area for a long period, it is important to think about how the quality of water will impact plumbing system, fixtures, and appliances at home. Be mindful,…
Alkaline Water: Health Benefits Or All Hype?

Alkaline Water: Health Benefits Or All Hype?

One of the biggest health fads today is to drink alkaline water. We are all looking for ways to optimize our health, after all. So, if you've listened to some celebrities tout the benefits of drinking alkaline water over the years, you may…
Water Purifier Installation

How to Prepare for Water Purifier Installation

There are many different types of water purifier systems available in the market and their installation may depend upon which type you have chosen. The types of installations that we know so far include… Countertop/Wall MountUnder the…
Safe RO Purified Water

Is it Safe to Drink RO Purified Water?

In recent years, RO purified water has become very popular. Today, you see a RO water purifier in almost everyone's kitchen. But do all of us really need them?  Isn't a good UV water purifier with pre filter, activated carbon cartridge…
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