The biggest challenge that human race is facing today relates to the depletion of natural resource on hand and rapid destruction of the atmosphere around the earth. CO2 emission is threatening the very existence of human race. The solution however, comes in the form of extensive use of renewable energy systems such as wind, biomass, solar power etc. Following text covers the top five renewable energy innovations:

Solar Power: Sun is the biggest source of renewable energy. Solar energy is stored in batteries using solar panel of two types. This includes a solar thermal collector and photovoltaic panels. The initial solar devices were the calculators whereas the most modern solar powered innovation include sports car running on solar power. The most common use of solar thermal collector is in water heaters. An insulator box and a black metal absorber are combined to create the thermal panels. Since the solar panel reduces CO2 emission, the energy received from them is cleaner and renewable.

Windmill: Windmills have been used to pump out water. The ultra modern wind turbines now produce clean renewable energy. The wind turbines transform wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy and then into electricity. Wind turbines are either vertical axis or horizontal axis (which is more popular and typically seen as tall towers.)

Biomass Energy: Leftover food and animal waste have been used as fertilizers since ages but now, you can use them to produce cheap, cleaner energy. The biomass fuel is extracted from decaying materials or non-food crops that are cultivated or produced artificially.

Tides: Tidal steam power is limited to countries that are geographically well placed to exploit the power of sea tides to generate astonishing amounts of energy.

Nuclear Power: It is a disputed yet an abundant resource of energy that can produce twice the power from other natural sources of power.

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