High fuel prices make us think of many things nowadays. Fuel saving is one of those things. You should know that there are some rules, which may help you save fuel and money, if you follow them driving your car. First of all maintain your vehicle in a proper way. You should make regular maintenance checks and repair your vehicle to evade useless waste of fuel.


Here are the tips that do not require usage of any extra means:


Driving style is very important. You should diminish the number of accelerations and breaking, smoothly push a gas pedal and choose an appropriate gear.


Driving in cities. Probably, the most important thing when you drive in a city is to choose the correct route. You should not make stops in traffic jams and have only green light. So, you should lay your route carefully. It is better to drive one extra mile than to spend a few hours in a traffic jam. Also, avoid driving at rush hours. You might notice that sometimes it’s better to come out a few minute earlier and get to work for 30 minutes earlier than usual.


Steady driving on a highway will help you save fuel money and nerves. Optimal speed for driving on a highway is 90-120 km/hour depending on the vehicle you use. Bear in mind that the higher the speed the higher fuel consumption is. So, it’s better to use fuel-safe speed, switch on cruise control enjoy your trip.


Technical condition of your auto. If you have problems with your engine, forget about fuel saving. Only a vehicle in good repair can provide you with minimal fuel consumption. So make technical inspection of your vehicle in time. If you see any defects, consult at a service center. Pay attention to pressure in tires, the condition of spark-plugs and the amount of refrigerating fluid.


Fresh air. Nowadays many modern automobiles have air conditioning or climate-control. A switched on air conditioning increases fuel consumption at 1.5-2 liters. Manufacturers recommend to use air conditioning only if your speed is higher than 70 km/hour. Otherwise use windows.


Fuel additions. A combustion catalyst is a substance that alters the process of fuel combustion mostly without changing its structure. Fuel catalysts can be related to a single class of additives that alter the rate and mechanism of fuels combustion.


Studies have shown that the higher burning temperature of combustible mixture is, the less its burning rate is. The rate of fuels combustion along with flash point increases when adding the catalyst. I.e. it turns out that the action of catalyst will as accelerate burning as slow this process takes place without an additive. Consequently, a catalyst is the most effective at burning of high-boiling hydrocarbon fuels, i.e. when fuel is burning out.


As you may see, it is possible to save fuel with many different ways. Some ways even don’t require many efforts from you. Others may be used by you, if you ask for help at any service center.


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