The Obama administration is working steadily on solar energy development, which has many people in an uproar when things like healthcare and unemployment seem to be taking the back burner.

There are industrial projects that are covering over 285,000 acres of desert in the western United States and there are 20 million acres being opened up for future development in the Mojave. These ‘solar energy zones’ have been discussed for some time now, but finally things are starting to come together.

Currently, there are 17 solar energy zones in six western states that have been chosen based on the fact that they will be doing minimal damage and will not be in the way of the citizens.

Many people argue that the deserts are not strong enough to be able to handle such industrial changes. I guess only time can tell. There is much that goes into building power  plants and while the process is moving steadily; do not think everything is set in stone. There is much research to be done to make sure everything can fall into place nicely.

The last thing anyone wants to do is harm the environment. Solar energy is meant to help us and give the world a brighter future.

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