Wind Energy Facts

What facts do you know about wind energy? It is one of the most commonly used alternative energy source on the planet. Everyone knows about wind farms and many people saw them or live near them. How did they change our life for this short period time of their existing? What is attractive and interesting in wind energy? And why it is still unusual for us? We may find answers to these questions by looking through the main fact about wind energy.

First of all, everyone should know that wind energy is solar energy in fact. Yes, it is. Airflows that rotate wind turbines are the result of warm and cold flows that change each other in the atmosphere. And this happens due to the sun activity, which brings life to our planet. So, we may say with confidence that wind energy is solar energy.

It’s a fact that wind energy was firstly use many centuries ago. People used it to drive boats through rivers and seas. Many years later, people created windmills which were used to mill grain, certainly. These mills were firstly used in Asia. Afghanistan and then China and Iran used this technology for the same purpose. Windmills of this type were brought to Europe after crusades. And the most well-know European country where windmills are used is Netherlands, I guess. Dutchmen were also the first who used new technology for turning a windmill. They used windmills not only for grain milling, but for water pumping as well. Such technologies become usual for the whole Europe after some time. And in droughty regions, wind mills were used for artificial irrigation. Windmills for producing electricity were firstly built in Denmark at the end of the XIX century. So, you may see that wind energy has been using for a really long time.

Today wind energy supplies 2 percent of the world electricity. And Europe uses 8 percent of electricity which comes from wind turbines. The most advanced in this sense are the United States and China nowadays. Wind energy is supposed to be one of the most profitable and promising branch of alternative energy development for today. It was not affected by world crisis. More and more people become involved in this industry.

The United States is the greatest user of wind energy for today. Earlier, it was Europe which produced 55 percent of the whole wind energy on earth.