Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

On average, appliances are responsible for roughly 13% of your total household energy use. When purchasing an appliance, you should pay attention to two numbers: the initial purchase price and the annual operating cost. Although energy efficient appliances usually have higher purchase prices, their operating costs are 9-25% lower than conventional models.

AMSOIL vs Mobil 1

Motor oils protect the engine and reduce exhaust emissions. But after 2012 the creators of oil will have hard times. In the mid 1960’s the U.S. Navy began to put into service new carrier-based fighters – F4 Phantom, a very advanced aircraft with practical roof over 15,000 meters. However, from the very beginning of operation

How to Build a Solar Energy Panel?

Contemporary energy crisis make people think alternative energy sources. Nowadays it is possible to install solar panels in your home. But it requires great initial investments and not everyone finds it affordable to install solar panels at their rooftop. As you know the structure of solar panels is not as complex as it may seem.

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Natural sources of earth are steadily being depleted. This makes people look for new energy sources. Solar energy can be named one of the most popular among the types of alternative energy sources. What is the attraction of solar energy for ordinary consumers? And what are the pros and cons of solar energy? One of

Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

Wind energy is inexhaustible on earth. For many centuries people have been trying to use wind energy for their advantage building wind farms that perform different functions: mills, water and oil pumps, power plants. As practice and experience of many countries have shown the use of wind energy is extremely beneficial, because firstly the cost

Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is very important and good energy source for today. The technology of getting this kind of energy was invented in the middle of XX century. We may look through the facts of its efficiency along with destructive results that this energy may bring with incompetent using. So, it is possible to find a

All About Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the heat coming out of core of Earth. This heat can be used to produce electricity and heat energy with the help of geothermal power stations. It is related to renewable energy sources. In the volcanic regions circulating water is heated more than boiling point at low depth and it sometimes comes

Wind Energy Facts

What facts do you know about wind energy? It is one of the most commonly used alternative energy source on the planet. Everyone knows about wind farms and many people saw them or live near them. How did they change our life for this short period time of their existing? What is attractive and interesting

Types of Solar Oven and Pros Cons

One may notice that in burning sunny days the sun heats everything around us. Ground can be so hot that you can burn yourself by treading on it. People found that the sun gives its heat to objects easily. That is why people made not only solar collectors and batteries, but also solar ovens. Solar